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    Wife's name: Lia Grace Greer
    Husband's name: Henry Michael Garcia

    they have been together 10 months before their first child
    they have a boy named:
    - Matthew James Garcia

    A year later, they have a girl named:
    - Sophia Grace Garcia

    no more kids!
    Lia and Henry had: Matthew and Sophia

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    Wife's name:
    First Name

    Middle Name:

    Maiden Name
    5. Goodwin

    Husband Name:
    First Name

    Middle Name

    Last Name
    1. Burke

    How long have they been together, when they had their 1st child?
    4. 10 months

    Girl or Boy?
    Odd- Girl

    First Name:

    Middle Name:

    Did they have more kids?
    6. Yes

    How long after their 1st child did they have their 2nd?
    2. 12 months

    Girl or Boy?
    Odd- Girl

    First Name: (use the 1st chart)

    Middle Name: (use the 2nd chart)

    Did they have more kids?
    3. Yes

    How long after their 2nd child did they have their 3rd ?
    6. 5 years

    Girl or Boy?
    Odd- Girl

    First Name:

    Middle Name:

    Did they have more kids?
    3. Yes

    How long after their 3rd child did they have their 4th and 5th ?
    6. 5 years

    Boys, Girls, or Boy/Girl?
    3 or 6. Boy/Girl

    First Names:
    Micah (boy) and Teagan (girl)

    Middle Names:
    Tennyson (boy) and Bardot (girl)

    Gertrude Mabel Goodwin and Jack Shiloh Burke met in high school. They had few classes with each other so they were never very close. A few years after high school (when they were 23) they started talking to each other through an online social network. Jack worked full time as a factory mechanic while going to school to be a History teacher. Gertrude was in school to work in special education. The two dated and within months they were married and pregnant with their first child, ElizabethLibbyHarriet Burke.

    Life with Libby was wonderful. Gertrude finished school and spent most of her time at home. The couple enjoyed parenthood so much that they decided to have another baby immediately. When Libby was 1 (and Gertrude and Jack were both recently 25) they have a second daughter, Amelia Claire Burke.

    Having two young daughters kept the parents busy. By this time Jack had a job in park services and Gertrude worked part-time in after-school tutoring. The couple devoted so much time to Libby and Amelia that they didn’t think it would be fair to have any other children for a while. Gertrude still hoped desperately for a boy, but the two young girls had so much love.

    Five years passed before Gertrude and Jack discussed having another baby. Libby was 6 and becoming very independent, and Amelia, at 5, was just starting school. So at age 30, Gertrude and Jack become pregnant once more. They are blessed with another girl, Matilda Pearl.

    Gertrude is as happy as she can be with another baby in the nest. The couple moves to a small farming town and work towards becoming self-sufficient. Libby enjoys helping with the ranch work, while Amelia takes up horseback riding. Another 5 years pass as the family enjoys their time together. At this point Gertrude has accepted that she won’t have a son, and she is satisfied with her perfect girls and their life on the farm.

    When Libby is 11, Amelia is 10, Matilda is 5, and Gertrude and Jack are 35, Gertrude discovers that she’s pregnant again. This comes as quite a surprise, but a very welcomed one. For the first time, Gertrude is curious to determine the sex of the baby before the delivery. She goes for her ultrasound and learns she will be having another girl! The couple is thrilled, if only slightly disappointed, and begins discussing baby names.

    The delivery day approaches and Teagan Bardot Burke is born. As soon as Gertrude relaxes, the doctors tell her to prepare for baby number 2. Gertrude is shocked to learn that she is having twins, but barely has time to register this miracle before her son joins to group. Finally, after 4 tries, Gertrude has Micah Tennyson Burke.
    Expecting #1 November 2015.
    It's a boy!

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    Lydia Jane Goodwin
    Dash Zion Lambert

    was together for 3 years and then had

    Madison Belle

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    New Zealand
    Jules Louisa Rivera
    Vincent Gabriel Armstrong

    How long have they been together, when they had their 1st child?
    6 Years

    Alexander Leo Armstrong

    Did they have more kids?

    How long after their 1st child did they have their 2nd?
    2 years

    Olivia Rose Armstrong

    Do they have any more kids?

    Jules, Vince, Alex & Livvy
    Leo Sebastian l Ronan Alexander

    current loves
    Felix l Finn l Moss l Heath l Fern l Veda l Tui l Blythe

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    DW: Lydia Mercy Nelson
    DH: Maxwell Tate Lambert

    Been together for 4 years before first child, a girl, who we named: Hailey Elizabeth Lambert

    2 years later we had another girl, who we named: Chloe Olivia Lambert

    12 months later, we had our first boy, who we named: Theo Max Lambert after his daddy.

    The Lambert Family:
    Maxwell (35) & Lydia (33)
    Hailey (5)
    Chloe (3)
    Theo (2)
    Vote for your favourites!!

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