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    Feb 2012
    Foley Alabama
    DW: Lydia Rynn Goodwin
    DH: Cody Michael Myers

    2 years

    DD: Avery Grace Myers

    5 years later

    DS: Logan Alexander Myers

    12 months later

    DS: Benjamin Ryan Myers
    Hey its Ashley

    Favorite Girl Names? Arabella, Adrianne, Jacey, Evelyn, Nevaeh, Hope, Grace, Julianna, Bayli,

    Favorite Boy names? Joshua, Alexander, Dakota, Ryan, Lucas, Logan, Jethro

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    Nov 2012
    DW: Emeline May Allison
    DH: Jesse Cael Synder

    Together for 6 years when we have our first child.
    DS: James Oliver
    After a year we have another baby.
    DS: Logan Alexander
    After a year we have another baby.
    DS: Dexter Gray
    Girls: Anya, Leia, Maeve, Adelaide, Lelia, Belle, Daphne, Vada, Evangeline, Anneliese, Leda, Livia, Carys, Liana, Cleo, Piper, Elena, Mercedes
    Boys: Flynn, Isaac, Ronan, James, Alaric, Jude, Damian, Emmett, Gabriel, Henry, Lucas/Lucian, Arthur, Ian, Wyatt, Leo

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    Apr 2009
    Wife's name: Julia Rynn Allison

    Husband's name: Gunnar Eli Burke

    How long have they been together, when they had their 1st child?
    2. 2 years

    Girl or Boy?
    Name: Benjamin Joseph

    Did they have more kids?
    1. Yes

    How long after their 1st child did they have their 2nd?
    2. 12 months

    Girl of Boy?
    Name: Caleb Michael

    Did they have more kids?
    5. Yes

    How long after their 2nd child did they have their 3rd ?
    1. 2 years

    Girl or Boy?
    Name: Silas Jude

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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA
    Jules Maisie (Floyd) Myers and Lorenzo Jordan Myers have been married for two years when they have their first child, a daughter they name Avery Christina Myers.

    When Avery was a year old, Jules discovered she was pregnant again. This time they had a boy, who they named Logan Alexander Myers.

    When Avery was 5 and Logan 4, they were surprised by another baby girl. They named her Scarlett Fleur Myers.

    Renzo (30) and Jules (28)
    Avery (6)
    Logan (5)
    Scarlett (1)

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Jul 2011
    DW: Eva Caroline Goodwin
    DH: Henry Gabriel Armstrong

    Been together for 10 months

    DS: William Chester Armstrong (7)
    DD: Charlotte Olivia Armstrong (2)
    DD: Annabel Maeve Armstrong (nb)

    Eva and Henry & Will, Lottie and Annie.
    Favourite boys - Asa, August, Cassius, Dexter, Ezra, Hector, Max, Nathaniel, Roman, Winston

    Favourite girls - Beatrice, Cecilia, Cora, Ivy, Marnie, Matilda, Nell, Pearl, Rosa, Thisbe

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