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    20 children, Baby Name Game, Fun & Easy!!

    Fun and Simple Baby Name Game.

    You have 20 children, you can choose the genders and order, their first names can only begin with A, B, C.

    Their middle names have to be 'things'. (they dont have to be all the same 'thing', they can be a range)

    Examples of 'things': Colours,Nature,Gem stones,Countries/Cities, Virtues, Flowers.

    Have Fun!

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    Re: 20 children, Baby Name Game, Fun & Easy!!

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    Re: 20 children, Baby Name Game, Fun & Easy!!

    1. Girl: Catalina Ruby

    2. Boy: Alaric Wolf

    3. Boy: Blake Indigo

    4. Girl: Aurora Star

    5. Boy: Caledon Noble

    6. Boy: Bowen Jett

    7. Boy: Cyrus Topaz

    8. Boy: Amias Reason

    9. Girl: Annabelle Rose

    10. Girl: Clementine Daisy

    11. Girl: Bianca Verity

    12. Girl: Amelia Mercy

    13. Girl: Adora Love

    14. Girl: Bellatrix Eden

    15. Girl: Cassia Scarlett

    16. Girl: Carina Lilac

    17. Girl: Angeline Winter

    18. Girl: Adelina Cherry

    19. Girl: Blaire Lily

    20. Boy: Byron Sage

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    Re: 20 children, Baby Name Game, Fun & Easy!!

    Favourite girls: Amadea, Antonia, Cecily, Clara, Eleanor, Georgia, Margaret, Matilda, Pandora, Susannah
    Favourite boys: Archer, August, Gabriel, Harley, Joseph, Nathaniel, Phelan, Phineas, Rowan, Theodore

    Check out my blog at!

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    Re: 20 children, Baby Name Game, Fun & Easy!!

    ~Wren, Britta, Hazel ,Diana, Vivienne, Veronica, Rose, Annelise, Angeline, Sabrina, Simone, Georgia, Kit, Marisa, Marley, Juliet, Blair, Laken
    ~Elliott, Holden, Rowan, Palmer, Alden, Dustin, Wilder, Cole, Parker, Emmett, Jesse, Ty, Truitt, Beck, Bennett, Burke, Bram, Weston, Leander

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