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    Using the following initials, create first, middle and last names for your own kindergarten students

    Berlynn Valora Oaster
    Kiara Joliet Taylor
    Zahari Lianne Maxwell
    Peyton Emri Wexler
    Razia Rae Quinlan
    Drea Noelle Emerson
    Francesca Olina Illardi
    Emerson Kenzie Breed
    Aviana Grace Lindell
    Cacia Reagan Hadley
    Harper Deja Sullivan
    Lexi Brielle Carter

    Breckin Westley Jennings
    Sebastian Beckett Andrews
    Kynrick Levi Flanagan
    Ridley Hastings Carter
    Tacoma Axel Underwood
    Zappa Ravi Davidson
    Draven Gentry Mitchell
    Jovi Belmont Walsh
    Momma to Daytona Joette (6), Revvie Adessie (4) and Zabryn Amare (3)
    Future children contenders:
    boy- Atticus Barnaby, Tacoma Romeo, Canyon
    girl- Vesper Azriel, Maizze

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