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    DW: Charlotte Xenia Kittinger Fitzpatrick
    DH: Colton Andrew Fitzpatrick

    Number of Kids: 5

    1) Boy - Zachary Hugh Fitzpatrick
    2) Girl - Kira Brylee Fitzpatrick
    3) Boy - Hayden Cade Fitzpatrick
    4) Boy - Michael Andrew Fitzpatrick
    5) Girl - Remy Juliet Fitzpatrick
    -- Lottie --

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    Me: Julietta Sapphire Brown
    Dad: Octavio Harper Baüer

    Kids: 4

    Lola Clementine Baüer -
    Bosco Atticus Baüer -
    Olmo Froilan Baüer
    Gara Magdalene Baüer -
    "Pies...para que los quiero si tengo alas para volar..."

    Carmen, Libertad, Rita, Leonie, Elena, Frida, Lorelei, Viviana
    Octavio, Salvador, Pedro, Vicente, Mateo, Lucas, Simón, Tomás

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    Mom: Nan Alexandra Bledel
    Dad: Marcus Sherlock Bledel

    Girl: Larkin Bandit Bledel 9 years old. The artist and a little bit nerdy. Very smart and classically beautiful.
    Girl: Alice Fable Lokni Bledel 7 years old. Apollo's twin. The momma's girl. Very sensitive and quiet. Gets picked on by other siblings.
    Boy: Apollo Alexander Bledel 7 years old. Alice's twin. Wanted to do ballet with his twin sister. Stubborn and not easily swayed from his dreams.
    Boy:Finnick Milo Luthien Bledel 3 years old. Very independent. Loves animals and baseball. Looks up to his dad with hero worship.
    Girl: Blue Clementine Bledel 8 months old. The baby. Vocal and energetic. Will most likely grow up to be a tomboy.

    Larkin, Alice, Apollo, Finnick, and Blue

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