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    Oh dear, I looked back on my old choices and I'm like "Seriously? Seriously 2011 Athena?" So I'd like to change my five girls names.
    Sybil Briony
    Alice Imogen
    Cornelia Bronwen
    Dorothea Juliet
    Louisa Blythe

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    My very mismatched sibset:

    Marigold Susan
    Eloise Fay
    Geneva Sophie
    Sylvie Jane
    Juniper Eve

    (All middles chosen for family significance, not aesthetics.)

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    Ramona Bay Sojourner 'Romy'
    Caledonia May Olive 'Callie'
    Tove Mercy Violet 'Tove'
    Avery Euphemia Wren 'Avery'
    Beatrice Ivy Clementine 'Bea'

    Other names I would have used if there was more than 5: Endeavour, Magnolia, Calliope, Coralie, Fifer

    -I realise that Ramona, Caledonia and Tove all rhyme, apparently I like names that end in a 'a' sound, this may cause some problems...

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