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    Five Little Girls

    If you had five girls right now what would you name them? Fn and mn, no name is too popular or "over the top" so guilty pleasures are welcomed, and it doesn't even have to be a "perfect" sibset. Just five names you absolutely love. I think I'd go crazy naming quintuplets in real life!

    Off the top of my head...

    Mary Charlotte
    Alice Penelope
    Tessa Madeleine
    Rose Wilhelmina
    Jane Elizabeth
    Violet Adair, Juniper Isolde, Daphne Larkspur, Iphigenia Lily, Tempest Eve
    Sylvie Pomeline, Lavender Elyse, Eugenia Poppy, Clio Marguerite, Etta Rosalind, Posey Adelaide
    Isadora Lucille, Thessaly Rose, Persephone Zion, Reverie Jane, Celine Dorothea
    Jude Atlas, Silas Theodore Wolf, Bear Atticus, Quentin Miles,
    Elliott Grey, Dexter Leopold, Azariah Fox, Wolfgang Aurelius, Basil Peregrine, Cyrus William
    Thelonious Cotton, Ezra Julian, Henry Absalom, Jasper Malachi, Leon Devereux
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    Re: Five Little Girls

    Isabelle Ayelet Grace "Bella"
    Arianne Eleanor Kate "Ari"
    Liliana Odette Rebecca "Lily"
    Rachel Lydia Evangeline "Rachel"
    Charlotte Eden Opal "Lottie"

    Probably. I also really like Leila, Annika/Anais, Gwendolyn/Eleni (nn Leni), Violet, and Olivia. I think the last spot would be tied between Charlotte and Olivia, today, anyway, but I dislike how Liliana and Olivia are quite similar (especially with the nns Lily and Liv).
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    Zoe Charlotte Jane | Schuyler Daniel Grey | Penelope Isla Jane | Dashiell Lion Elias | Carolina Esther Jane | Rory Sebastian Rufus

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    Re: Five Little Girls

    Middle names are difficult for me.


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    Re: Five Little Girls

    Oh, I would love to have five girls! (and the bank account that would be required to support them in style!) My realistic set (including my actual daughter and family middle names) would be

    Phoebe Jane
    Helena Eugenie
    Clementine Elliott
    Blythe Patricia
    Margo Noelle

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    Re: Five Little Girls

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