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    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Baby 1) Girl, IVF
    Olive Fawn

    Baby 2) Girl, IVF
    Cecily Juliet

    Baby 3) Boy, IVF
    Brooks Augustus

    Baby 4) Boy, Domestic Adoption (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
    Nathan Chevy

    Baby 5) Boy, Domestic Adoption (New York, New York)
    Hudson Lawrence

    Olive, Cecily, Brooks, Nathan, and Hudson
    Caroline ❀
    teenager, animal lover, aspiring writer, theater kid, comedy fan, and total nerd
    "You can tell how smart someone is by what they laugh at." -Tina Fey

    Ladies- Cecilia, Alice, Juliette, Opal, Arabella and Audrey
    Gents- Brooks, Nathan, Levi, Chevy, Archer, and Orin

    Feel free to drop me a message. I'd love to chat ♥

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    You have been diagnosed with fertility issues. You are devastated because you always wanted a large family. However, you and your husband are willing to do whatever it takes to have children.

    Your name: Ivy Sophia Jones
    Your husband's name: Edgar Brett Lawrence

    First baby is brought into the family through international adoption; she is a gorgeous 9month old from Ireland with the name Caoimhe Scout.
    Our second baby is conceived through fertility treatments, it is a sister for toddler Caoimhe whom we name Caroline Blue.
    We add to our family again through the domestic adoption of a 2 year old girl whose name is Rose Aurora.
    With three little girls we are all excited to be welcoming a baby boy through the same adoption agency as Rose, our new son's name is Sebastian James.
    All the way from Japan we adopt our third daughter, she is an orphaned three year old called Kimiko, when she joins our family we give her the middle name June.
    Having only one biological child, we decide to try IVF again and are blessed with a beautiful daughter whom we name Alexandra Lux.
    The success of conceiving Allie prompts us to try again and we welcome a second and much anticipated son to our family, we name him Jeremy Wolf.
    Soon after Jem we are lucky enough to conceive a daughter through fertility treatments, and we name her Georgina Vivi.
    Our final child is brought into the family through domestic adoption, he is a young toddler who goes by the name of Tobias Phoenix.

    And that's our rather large family...

    Ivy (42) and Eddie (43) with: Caoimhe (18), Cally (16), Rose (15), Seb (14), Kimi (12), Allie (8), Jem (6), Georgie (4), and Tobias (18mo).
    Current Loves: Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith

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    Baby #1: International Adoption- United Kingdom; Girl
    Emily Maya

    Baby #2: Domestic Adoption- Oregon; Boy
    Riley James

    Baby #3: IVF; Boy
    Spencer Aaron

    Baby #4: Domestic Adoption- South Carolina; Girl
    Reagan Charlotte

    Baby #5: Domestic Adoption- Georgia; Boy
    Kayden Elliott

    Baby #6: IVF; Girl
    Olivia Eloise

    Baby # 7: International Adoption- Kenya; Boy
    Jabari Tristan

    Emily, Riley, Spencer, Reagan, Kayden, Olivia, & Jabari.
    Jack Aaron, Nathan James, Tristan Thomas, & Blake William.
    Emily Lauren, Paige Charlotte, Samantha Reagan "Sam", & Taylor Kennedy.
    Check out my thread here please!
    ♡1/12/04-11/23/14. Rest in peace Molly.♡ | Please vote on my name list!

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