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Thread: Big families

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    Big families

    I was just wondering if there are other large familes on nameberry, I'm pregnant with number ten at the moment and due early Fb. How many do you have? Are you one of many or just an only child? I'm one of five, so not on the really large side. My husband just has a twin brother, but like my husband he ended up having a large family with seven children, which is quite peculiar.

    So here's a space to talk about big families, the joys and the hardwork, stories and questions.

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    Re: Big families

    We are a large family by combination. I had three, my husband had two and we are now expecting twins (6&7).

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    Re: Big families

    My partner and I always dreamed of having a very large family - we wanted to adopt as many as we could provide for - but it didn't quite work out. We have five beautiful children, though, which is still considered fairly large by many people's standards. We're a family of nine, though, as we have four parents involved. It's very stressful to ensure that we devote enough time to all five of our kids, especially since we have two infants (about three weeks old). Our oldest is turning 8 this year, so she's not quite old enough to really contribute (though she does have simple chores). Ultimately I think it would be great to adopt children in the future, but unfortunately I don't really think it's possible. I still think you're lucky to have a family with ten children!
    Proud father of Camille (8), Zachary (6), Laura (4), Juliet and Benjamin (6 months).

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    Re: Big families

    I am one of 7 and my husband is one of 5. Although I LOVED growing up in a large family, we are going to stop after #2 is arrives. The main reason being that I am old :lol: I'll be 37 when this one arrives, by my age my Mom had 6 kids , I really don't want to be pregnant in my 40s

    Enjoy your families, being part of a large family is awesome!!!

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    Re: Big families

    I'm always amazed by the number of large families on nameberry. I have 3, age 5, 1.5, and 4 months. It's great and will be so much fun as they grow up together, but a lot of work and I'm always worried about giving everyone what they need in terms of one on one attention. College funds for all is daunting as well! I can't imagine the sheer logistics involved with a larger family than mine... Though I suppose necessity must be the mother of invention...
    Funnily, I am often met with 'how brave' when people find out I have three. It's very unusual to have so many where I live--two or one is far more typical. Where I work, there is only one other mom who has 3. I don't think I've ever met anyone with more than 4 in our area.

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