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    Name the Babies Generation 2 Results

    Name the Babies G2, R4 Results

    G2, R4 Results
    The Fanson Family
    Camden Theo and Faith Ophelia are having their third girl! They want her initials to be EZ.
    DD: Theodora Cameron Fanson (jordankiwi)
    DD: Alexandra Bailey Fanson (Sofiarosem)
    DS: Patrick Alden Fanson (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD: Elinore Zinnia Fanson (looney_lovegood)

    The Mason Family
    Harmony Aziza and Rory Campbell are having a baby boy. They want his name to honor his mother, and would prefer his middle name to have one syllable.
    DS: Nolan Mackenzie Mason (Michelle6942)
    DD/DS: Ottilie Belle Mason and Idris Hart Mason (bowtiful)
    DD/DD : Scarlet Jo Mason & Yelena Reese Mason (allij28)
    DS: Harmon Kent Mason (Blaklava)

    The Starling Family
    Loyal Sasha and Lydia Ruth want to honor Lydia with their final child, but they are having a boy! How does this keep happening? Oh well, see if you can help them.

    DS/DD: Levi Samuel Starling (rosejuliet) and Lilah Mary Starling (alij28)
    DS/DD: Logan Martin Starling and Lorelei Audrey Starling (abbynu)
    DD: Rory Jane Starling (Niffy)
    DS: Rune Lyndon Starling (Heidieliza)

    The Stevenson Family:

    Leonardo Silas and Rose Victoria are having a boy. His first name should start with L and her middle name should contain an E and an R.
    DD: Flora Claire Stevenson (ellaminnowpea125)
    DS: Andy Soren Stevenson (Niffy)
    DD: Ysabel Rowena Stevenson (loony_lovegood)

    DS: Louis Jasper Stevenson (Niffy)

    Capulet Family

    Theo Balthasar and Harlow Quinn are having a boy and a girl! They want the first names to be uncommon word or place names. They want the middle names to sound uncommon and a little bit old-fashioned.

    DS: Dash Arlo Capulet (Bowtiful)
    DD: Nova Theodora Capulet (zoemaks)
    DS: Salem Rodney Capulet (Blaklava)
    DD/DS: Lovely Magda Capulet and Zeppelin Bruno Capulet (Looney_lovegood)

    The Fairfax Family

    Peter Matthew and Penny Arabella are having twins, too! They want the boy’s first name to be unisex and the girl’s first name to sound young and playful. Their middle names should both contain the letter A.
    DD: Phoebe Mattea Fairfax (Bowtiful & Shanade213)
    DS: Peyton Ari Fairfax (Wish)
    DD: Posey Nathalia Fairfax (Blaklava)
    DS/DD: Porter Benjamin Fairfax and Pippa Katharine Fairfax (Bowtiful)

    My list has been updated! Check it out if you like (Last update: July 1st, 2016)

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