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    Feb 2014
    Audrey Elizabeth Winters & Michael Rafferty Winters

    Year 1 - Not pregnant
    Year 2 - Not pregnant
    Year 3 - Not pregnant
    Year 4 - BBBGGG
    Year 5 - Not pregnant
    Year 6 - BBBBG
    Year 7 - Not pregnant
    Year 8 - Not pregnant
    Year 9 - GGGBB
    Year 10 - Not pregnant

    - Children -
    Manuel Francisco "Manu"
    Riley Vincent
    Lucian Eduardo "Luc"
    Simone Augusta
    Jasmine Leigh
    Delphine Rose "Delphi"

    Jacob Andreas "Jake"
    Nathaniel Rhys "Nate"
    Nicholas Rhett "Nico"
    Quinn Wesley
    Alexandra Ruth "Sasha"

    Estella Faye "Ella"
    Tatiana Grace "Tiana"
    Annelise Bryony "Annie"
    Benjamin Thomas "Ben"
    Raphael Isaac "Rafe"

    How many kids? 16

    Manu, Riley, Luc, Simone, Jasmine, Delphi, Jake, Nate, Nico, Quinn, Sasha, Ella, Tiana, Annie, Ben & Rafe

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    Jun 2013
    Parents: Stella Maria & Jonathan Jeremy

    Year 1: Riley Christine, Luke Elliott, Ryan Carter, Leo Elijah, Ross Colin, Lindsey Eleanor, Ronan Christopher, Levi Edwin, Robert Calum, Louis Evander

    Year 2: Thomas Jacob *Tommy*, Amelia Danielle, Taylor Joanne, Abigail Delaney *Abby*, Tristan James, Arielle Dorothy

    Year 3: not pregnant

    Year 4: not pregnant

    Year 5: not pregnant

    Year 6: not pregnant

    Year 7: Benjamin Hunter *Ben*, Whitney Olivia, Bonnie Hazel, Wendell Owen, Bailey Harper

    Year 8: Melissa Genevieve, Payton Francine, McKenna Grace, Piper Faye, Michael Gavin, Peter Finn, Marcus Graham, Preston Foley, Matthias Grayson *Matt*, Parker Ferris

    Year 9: Kendall Ivory, Sadie Nicole, Kelsey Imogen, Saffron Noelle, Kess Iliana

    Year 10: not pregnant

    Number of Pregnancies: 5
    Nmber of Kids: 36
    "I love first times. I want my entire life to be composed of them."
    -Lucien Carr, Kill Your Darlings

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    Aug 2013
    DW: Haley Alannah
    DH: Christopher Richard James

    Year One: no babies
    Year Two: Quints! Neville James, Mildred Emily, Louis Matthew, Doris Amelia and Ethel Violet
    Year Three: Twins! Fannie Louise and Minnie Charlotte
    Year Four: no babies
    Year Five: Dectuplets! Agatha Poppy, Lillian Martha, Alfie Thomas, Myrtle Josephine, Daisy Eleanor, Henry Alexander, Ernest Joshua, Nellie Katherine, Edna Lucille and Bessie Caroline
    Year Six: no babies
    Year Seven: Quads! Elsie May, Betty Imogen, Walter Harrison and Percy Edward.
    Year Eight: no babies
    Year Nine: Octuplets! Iris Harriet, Marnie Ophelia, Florence Mary, Beatrice Ivy, Tillie Madeleine, Audrey Sarah, Effie Sophia and Louisa Nancy.
    Year Ten: Triplets! Ella Maude, Freddie Andrew and Jemima Kate.

    Pregnancies: 6
    Babies: 32
    Ladies: Florence ❀ Doris ❀ Harriet ❀ Minnie ❀ Martha ❀ Evelyn ❀ Lottie ❀ Elsie ❀ Lillian ❀ Beatrice ❀ Violet ❀

    Gentlemen: Charlie ❀ Matthew ❀ Ernest ❀ Albert ❀ Daniel ❀ Harry ❀ Darragh ❀ Andrew ❀ Louis ❀ Cameron ❀

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    Jul 2014
    Mother: Jacqueline Marie Thompson
    Father: Matthew Peter Thompson

    Year 1: Not Pregnant

    Year 2: Not Pregnant

    Year 3: Quintuplets- Boy-Girl-Girl-Boy-Boy- Nathan "Nate" Charles, Madeline "Maddie" Elizabeth, Lillian "Lilly" Grace, Elliott "Eli" Reece, Nicholas "Nick" Peter

    Year 4: Nonuplets- Girl-Boy-Boy-Girl-Girl-Boy-Girl-Boy-Girl- Charlotte Nicole, Jacob Andrew, Grant Christopher, Violet Paige, Annabelle Claire, Harrison Brant, Victoria Alese, Griffin Bradley, Emily Marie

    Year 5: Single- Girl- Reagan Lucille

    Year 6: Not Pregnant

    Year 7: Sextuplets- Girl-Girl-Girl-Girl-Boy-Boy- Olivia Grace, Scarlett Alice, Harper Ella, Avery Caroline, Isaac Levi, Luke Samuel

    Year 8: Not Pregnant

    Year 9: Not Pregnant

    Year 10: Not Pregnant

    At the end of Year 10, I have a total of 21 children

    Their names altogether: Nathan "Nate" Charles, Madeline "Maddie" Elizabeth, Lillian "Lilly" Grace, Elliott "Eli" Reece, Nicholas "Nick" Peter, Charlotte Nicole, Jacob Andrew, Grant Christopher, Violet Paige, Annabelle Claire,Harrison Brant, Victoria Alese, Griffin Bradley, Emily Marie, Reagan Lucille, Olivia Grace, Scarlett Alice, Harper Ella, Avery Caroline, Isaac Levi, Luke Samuel

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    Dad: Samuel Flynn Brooks
    Mum: Holly Mary Brooks

    *Year One*

    Girl: Heidi Claire Brooks
    Girl: Hanna Jane Brooks
    BOY: Holden Finn Brooks
    GIRL: Haven Faith Brooks
    GIRL: Harriet Elisa Brooks
    GIRL: Imogen Grace Brooks
    BOY: Isaac Benjamin Brooks
    GIRL: Ivy Louisa Brooks
    GIRL: Isla Maude Brooks
    BOY: Iain Jackson Brooks

    *Year Two*

    Not pregnant

    *Year Three*

    Not pregnant

    *Year Four*

    GIRL: Olivia Rose Brooks
    BOY: Oakley Michael Brooks
    GIRL: Orla Colette Brooks
    GIRL: Oceana Raine Brooks
    GIRL: Olive Helen Brooks
    GIRL: Ohana Alaska Brooks
    BOY: Carson Henry Brooks
    GIRL: Cerys Luna Brooks

    *Year Five*

    Not pregnant

    *Year Six*

    Not pregnant

    *Year Seven*

    Not pregnant

    *Year Eight*

    Not pregnant

    *Year Nine*

    BOY: Roscoe Mitchell Brooks

    *Year Ten*

    Not pregnant

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