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    I'm gonna play this again because, why not?

    DW: Sofia Rose
    DH: Nathaniel Drew

    Year 1: Quadruplets! B/B/G/B
    Landon Drew, Bennett Kai, Piper Rose, & Samuel Dean
    Year 2: Octuplets! G/G/B/B/G/G/B/G
    Amelia Kate, Dahlia Jane, Theodore James, Tobias Jude, Harper Noelle, Madeleine Blair, Declan Kade, & Elias John
    Year 3: Octuplets! B/B/B/G/G/G/B/G
    Simon Gale, Jackson Philip, Finn Eliot, Aurora Mae, Charlotte Hope, Lucy Evelyn, Jace Michael, & Beatrice Faith
    Year 4: Triplets! G/B/B
    Hazel Grace, Logan Isaiah & Dominic Ezekiel
    Year 5: Quintuplets! B/B/G/B/G
    Oliver Reid, Levi Harrison, Isobel Claire, Alexander Flynn, & Cadence Joy
    Year 6: No kids!
    Year 7: Single baby! G
    McKenna Brynn
    Year 8: Nonuplets! G/G/B/B/B/G/B/B/B
    Maia June, Lydia Skye, Joel Aiden, Gabriel Andrew, Callum Perseus, Eleanor Anne Marie, Miles Xavier, Noah Julian, & William Vaughn
    Year 9: No kids!
    Year 10: Quintuplets! B/B/B/G/G
    Augustus Mitchell, Reese Josiah, Russell Jordan, Josephine Ruby, & Lena Elise

    Wow. 43 children.
    So I have:
    Landon, Ben, Piper, Sam, Mia, Dahlia, Theo, Toby, Harper, Maddie, Declan, Eli, Simon, Jack, Finn, Rory, Lottie, Lucy, Jace, Tris, Hazel, Logan, Dominic, Ollie, Levi, Izzy, Alec, Cady, McKenna, Maia, Lydia, Joey, Gabe, Cal, Ellie, Miles, Noah, Liam, Gus, Reese, Russell, Josie & Lena

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    Year 1 Pregnant with quadruplets (BBBB)
    Year 2: None
    Year 3: Pregnant with quintuplets (BBBGG)
    Year 4: Pregnant with dectuplets (GBBBBGGBBG)
    Year 5: None
    Year 6: Pregnant with quadruplets (GBGG)
    Year 7: None
    Year 8: Pregnant with octuplets (BGGBBGGG)
    Year 9: Pregnant with sextuplets (GGGGGG)
    Year 10: None

    A Mr. & Mrs. Grey, both fanciful self-made billionaires, lives with their 37 children (20 girls & 17 boys), all naturally conceived, in a comfortable & extremely spacious vacation house close to nature.

    By the first year of their marriage they have an all-boy quadruplets: Arnaud, Haytham, Ezio, & Stellan. Born on a foggy day in early November, the boys had an eagle/bird of prey themed names & affectionately called each other Eagle 1/2/3/4 while playing pretend as soldiers at the nearby forest. Growing up, the boys have a sturdy treehouse there where they hold their "secret meetings". They are now 12 and are very active at sports & explorations.

    By the third year of their marriage, the Greys were blessed with quintuplets: Keanu, Thiago, Mateo, Yui, & Ximena. These vivacious & close-knit quints were said to be conceived during a holiday at an unspecified island hideaway in mid-December. Contrasting the "Eagle boys" or how they called their older brothers, the quints love water & the sea, especially the beach. Their favorite pastimes are cycling together to the nearest beach, which they described as "quiet but foggy". They're always the first to plan a vacation, and no wonder they'll travel the world together in the distant future, though now only 10.

    The Greys were much surprised when after having the quints, they discovered that they are having dectuplets in their fourth year of marriage: ten of very chattery & social children, born several days after New Year's Eve. Sleepovers & playdates are a regular, in which they managed to make their already-humongous vacation house a bit crowded. Thalia, Hugo, Edwin, Gerald, Magdalene, Leonie, Charles, Ronan, & Adela all presented the Upper Crust persona their parents were perceived as. They will grow up to be a bit stand-offish (to outsiders) and party loving, though good-looking and very ambitious. Now they're all 9 and are the ones who take their private tutoring very seriously.

    Contrasting their social-climbing siblings, the quadruplets born in the 5th year of the Grey's strong marriage are individualists & even a bit rebellious. While the "Eagle boys" were able to selectively guard their temper (alternatively using revenge instead), these February-born quads are snappy & assertive. They are perhaps the only siblings group who doesn't really like doing things together. Juliana, Hector, Andromeda, & Persephone all relates to works of Fantasy & Adventure. They're excellent storytellers & love everyone in the family equally. They're absolutely not separatists & wished for everyone in the house to get along; in which they're all very diplomatic & humanitarian in the tender age of 7. They tend to advocate their younger siblings from "the snobby Decs" and run to their older siblings for retaliation.

    In the eighth year, the Greys didn't stop & had a set of octuplets. The egalitarian quads seemed to finally found enough army to raise against the snobby Decs. Though humorous like the beachy quints, they're hot-headed and easily insulted. As equally demanding as the decs and as competitive, the sophisticated battle of the words didn't amused the octuplets. Their wit isn't their favorite weapon, their brawls are. The girls are all tomboy and the boys will soon be very manly. Though born at a cool April shower, Atticus, Carmen, Tamara, Nathan, Lionel, Philomena, Esmeralda, & Agnes are a force to be reckoned with and will only grow stronger & more polished, even at the age of 5.

    And finally at the ninth year, the Greys had an all-girl sextuplets to finish the tenth year of their marriage. Ophelia, Manon, Cecila, Irene, Jane, & Emma finally brings the Greys a bit quiet & peace. They're as frilly and as girly as their names. They had easy grace & very fashion-conscious, and dare say will be more good-looking than the decs. The Disney Princesses and Barbie are favorites, and they're obsessed with real-life princesses. They will be very cultured & warm-hearted, and people wouldn't be surprised they'll someday be the next Audrey Hepburn or even the next Duchess of Cambridge. They're only 4, and very sweet, children of May, everyone in the family loves them.

    Grand total:
    Mr. Grey
    Mrs. Grey
    Arnaud (12)
    Haytham (12)
    Ezio (12)
    Stellan (12)
    Keanu (10)
    Thiago (10)
    Mateo (10)
    Yui (10)
    Ximena (10)
    Thalia (9)
    Hugo (9)
    Edwin (9)
    Gerald (9)
    Magdalene (9)
    Leonie (9)
    Charles (9)
    Ronan (9)
    Adela (9)
    Juliana (7)
    Hector (7)
    Andromeda (7)
    Persephone (7)
    Atticus (5)
    Carmen (5)
    Tamara (5)
    Nathan (5)
    Lionel (5)
    Philomena (5)
    Esmeralda (5)
    Agnes (5)
    Ophelia (4)
    Manon (4)
    Cecila (4)
    Irene (4)
    Jane (4)
    & Emma (4)

    37 kids, 20 girls & 17 boys.
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    LN- Dittmer
    DH- Augustus Ben "Gus"
    DW- Elizabeth Dale

    Year 1- Don't get pregnant
    Year 2- Don't get pregnant
    Year 3- 7 kids
    DD1- Mara Evangeline
    DD2- Mallory Jane
    DD3- Marina Lennon
    DD4- Mackenzie Quinn
    DD5- Melanie Olivia
    DD6- Maia Grace
    DD7- Mattilyn Jennifer "Matti"
    Year 4- Don't get pregnant
    Year 5- 3 kids
    DS1- Carter Allen
    DS2- Cedric Gavin
    DS3- Cylus Milo "Cy"
    Year 6- Don't get pregnant
    Year 7- Don't get pregnant
    Year 8- 9 kids
    DD8- Erina Kinley
    DS4- Everett Matthew
    DS5- Emerson Ray
    Year 9- Don't get pregnant
    Year 10- 4 kids
    DS6- Fenway Miller
    DS7- Finnegan Hunter
    DS8- Flynn Rider
    DS9- Fathom Romulus

    The Dittmer Family:
    Gus & Elizabeth
    Mara, Mallory, Marina, Mackenzie, Melanie, Maia, Matti, Carter, Cedric, Cy, Erina, Everett, Emerson, Fenway, Finn, Flynn, Fathom

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    Leona Cassidy (nee Blake) and Seamus Colin White have 39 Children, 24 girls and 15 boys.

    Year #1: 9 Children, Leland Shea 'Lee', Scarlett Francesca 'Scout', Winona Jane 'Winnie', Mack Daniel, Dean Joseph 'DJ', Victoria Roxy 'Vika', Vivienne Sosie, George Lucifer, & Christopher Thomas 'Chip'

    Year #2: 1 Child, Olivia Ruth 'Liv'

    Year #3: 9 Children, Anastasia Lucille 'Anya', Helena Grace, Zander Kane, Bianca Sage, Malachi Jacobi, Lacey Margaret, May Gretchen, Nero Austin, & Constance Reena 'Connie'

    Year #4: 4 Children, Prisca Ivy, Patience Yvonne, Perry Alastair, Pierce Acton

    Year #5: 2 Children, Lisbet Elodie & Liliana Elise 'Lil'

    Year #6: 7 Children, Georgia Zoey, Virginia Marie 'Ginger', Florence Sadie 'Flora', Tuscany June, Sicily Leia, Lincoln Henry 'Link', & Memphis Jack

    Year #7: -No Children-

    Year #8: 5 Children, Elisabetta Catherine 'Betta', Eve Carys, Everett Foster 'Rhett', Emmett Franklin, & Evan Felix

    Year #9: 2 Children, Norah Juliette 'Nori' & Naomi Jade

    Year #10: -No Children-

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eve - Johanna - Lana - Lena - Sally - Zanna

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    Parents: Eli and Alice
    Year 1: None
    Year 2: Nontuplets - Zelda (g), Mariposa (g), Theodore (b), Ezekiel (b), Castor (b), Primavera (g), Rose (g), Griffin (b), Amabel (g)
    Year 3: Twins - Hawthorne (b), Liam (b)
    Year 4: Quintuplets - Arrietta (g), Caroline (g), Lucille (g), Ruby (g), Lillian (g)
    Year 5: One - Marcellus (b)
    Year 6: Septuplets Marlowe (g), Malachi (b), Marjorie (g), Ethan (b), Harrison (b), Nina (g), Celeste (g)
    Year 7: None
    Year 8: Septuplets - Maxfield (b), Uriah (b), Elise (g), Keaton (g), Stella (g), Wylie (g), Violet (g)
    Year 9: Decaplets - Maia (g), Wesley (b), Penelope (g), Declan (b), Fletcher (b), Delphine (g) Xaviera (g), Yuki (g), Callum (b), Jackson (b)
    Year 10: Triplets - Wolfgang (b), Emilia (g), Aurora (g)

    7 pregnancies, 44 children, 26 girls, 18 boys.

    Zelda, Posy, Theo, Zeke, Cas, Prim, Rose, Griff, and Ama
    Hawthorne and Liam
    Etta, Caroline, Lucy, Ruby, Lily
    Lola, Kai, Marj, Ethan, Harrison, Nina, and Celeste
    Max, Uri, Elise, Keaton, Stella, Wylie, and Vi
    Maia, Wes, Penny, Declan, Fletcher, Elphie, Xavi, Yuki, Cal, and Jack
    Wolfgang, Em, and Rory
    Ladies: Zelda, Sally, Maia, Claire

    Gents: Wesley, Ezekiel, Malachi, Gideon

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