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    Dec 2012
    Parents: Nolan James and Lila Claire

    Year 1: Pregnant 6 babies - Lachlan (b), Isla (g), Fiona (g), Angus (b), Douglas (b), Ian (b)
    Year 2: Pregnant Triplets - Annabel (g), Bruce (b), Callum (b)
    Year 3: not pregnant
    Year 4: not pregnant
    Year 5: pregnant Triplets - Maeve (g), Deidre (g), and Brigid (g)
    Year 6: pregnant Twins - Darren (b) and Declan (b)
    Year 7: pregnant Triplets - Tristan (b), Dylan (b), and Owen (b)
    Year 8, 8 & 10: not pregnant

    So... 5 pregnancies, 17 children, 11 boys and 6 girls

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    Oct 2013
    Year One: Hayden Christopher/Hadley Chrysanthemum
    Year Two: Not pregnant.
    Year Three: Apollo Archer/Artemis Luna
    Year Four: Westley Everett/Willa Dora/Wyatt Colton/Winston Brae/Waverly Arin
    Year Five: Clover Callista/Piper Pandora/Riley Rhiannon
    Year Six: Not pregnant.
    Year Seven: Not pregnant.
    Year Eight: Noey Oliver/Noelle Odessa
    Year Nine: Not pregnant.
    Year Ten: Seraphina Gray/Georgiana Sun
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett
    Sterling Joel/Dashiell Colm

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    Illinois, USA
    Parents -- Curran Joseph and Evangeline Hope Striker
    Year 1 -- Not pregnant
    Year 2 -- DS/DD/DD/DS/DS/DD/DD/DS: Judah William "Jude"/Avril Marie/Keira Gabrielle/Wesley Curran "Wes"/Owen Joseph/Daisy Belle/Blair Augustine/Levi Nathaniel
    Year 3 -- Not pregnant
    Year 4 -- Not pregnant
    Year 5 -- Not pregnant
    Year 6 -- Not pregnant
    Year 7 -- Not pregnant
    Year 8 -- DD/DS/DD: Emerson Grace/Evan Tobias/Gracia Addison
    Year 9 -- Not pregnant
    Year 10 -- DS/DS: Brody Immanuel/Leo Frederick

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    Use the 10-sided dice to play

    Step 1: Name the parents

    Step 2: Roll the dice for each year: even number means you get pregnant; odd number means you don't.

    Step 3: If you rolled an even number, roll the dice again to find out how many children are born in that year. (1 baby through dectuplets)

    Step 4: For each child, roll the dice to determine the sex; even means girl, odd means boy.

    Step 5: Name the babies

    Step 6: How many kids do you have by the end of Year 10? If you want, you can list all their names.

    Madeleine Hannah and Percy Benjamin

    1. NONE
    2. Quints-
    Leighton Rose
    Piper Sophie
    Reese Harper
    Aria Winter
    Suri Madelyn
    3. Quints AGAIN!
    Hugo Zachary
    Zophia Joy
    Simon Gregory
    Locke Preston
    Mason Christopher
    4. Twins-
    McGuire Timothy
    Kingston Blake
    5. NONE
    6. Twins AGAIN!
    Monroe Charlotte
    Jagger Samuel
    7. Sextuplets-
    Cohen Joshua
    Flynn Hunter
    Maxwell Caleb
    Henry Kohl
    Owen Rhett
    Emerson Lily
    8. NONE
    9. NONE
    10. Decatuplets!
    Arden Wesley
    Oliver Noah
    Britton Elodie
    Avonlea Hope
    Lexington Maeve
    Cruz Luca
    Leah Juliet
    Jada Violet
    Hannah Chloe
    Elle Reagan

    Leighton, Piper, Reese, Aria, Suri, Hugo, Zophia, Simon, Locke, Mason, McGuire, Kingston, Monroe, Jagger, Cohen, Flynn, Maxwell, Henry, Owen, Emerson, Arden, Oliver, Britton, Avonlea, Lexington, Cruz, Oliver, Britton, Avonlea, Lexington, Cruz, Leah, Jada, Hannah, Elle

    That's thirty kids. I hope this never becomes a reality... I want like six.
    [FONT=Book Antiqua]
    Summer, Eloise, Maisie, Penelope "Penny", Lexington "Lexie", Maeve, Alice, LucyBoys:
    Hendrix, Milo, Flynn, Calvary, Myles, Gideon, Canaan, Darcy

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    Oct 2013
    New England
    Elizabeth Caroline & Eric Christopher will have 18 kids in 10 years

    first year: Emmaline Erica
    second year: (sextuplets) Elliot Tyson, Elijah Gregory, Hannah Paige, Brooke Emily, Rachel Lauren & Alicia Abigail
    third year: Zane Emmet & Zoe Evangeline
    fourth year: (quints) Naomi Isabella, Gemma Ariana, Gavin Nicholas, Blair Rebecca, Logan Nathaniel
    sixth year: Trevor Kyle
    tenth year: (triplets) Matteo Oliver, Henry Yates & Xavier Roman

    Emme, Elliot, Elijah, Hannah, Brooke, Rachel, Alicia, Zane, Zoe, Naomi, Gem, Gavin, Blair, Logan, Trev, Matteo, Henry, Xavier

    Currently loving these: Caroline Blair Halle Victorie Valery Delaney
    & Hugo Henry Theo Sebastian
    Nathaniel Elliot Elijah ​Isaiah

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