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    DH: Zachary David
    DW: Sarah Jane
    YEAR 1: pregnant; 5: B/B/G/B/B
    DS: Charles David (Charlie)
    DS: Henry Benjamin (Hank)
    DD: Ruby Jean
    DS: Jasper Andrew
    DS: Sebastian Christopher (Bastian)

    YEAR 2: pregnant; 5: B/B/G/G/G
    DS: James Robert (J.R.)
    DS: Thomas Michael (Tommy)
    DD: Cora Madeline (Cece)
    DD: Margaret June (Maisie)
    DD: Annabelle Cecille (Bella)

    YEAR 3: pregnant; 5: B/B/G/G/G
    DS: Felix Bartholomew (Fee)
    DS: Jack Simon
    DD: Audrey Susannah (Susie)
    DD: Claire Evangeline
    DD: Grace Tabitha (Gracie)

    YEAR 4: pregnant; 5: G/G/G/B/G
    DD: Rosalie Anne (Rosie)
    DD: Caroline Mae
    DD: Jane Louisa
    DS: Philip Oliver (Pip)
    DD: Lucy Elisabeth

    YEAR 5: pregnant; 2: B/G
    DS: Arthur Daniel (Artie)
    DD: Beatrice Linnea (Bea)

    YEAR 6: pregnant; 5: G/G/B/G/B
    DD: Hazel Catherine (Hazy)
    DD: Josephine Marie (Jojo)
    DS: Alastair Jude (A.J.)
    DD: Evangeline Ruth (Lena)
    DS: George Allen

    YEAR 7: not pregnant

    YEAR 8: pregnant; 10: G/G/B/B/G/B/B/G/B/B
    DD: Matilda Violet (Tillie)
    DD: Amelia Diane (Millie)
    DS: Owen Richard
    DS: Ethan Clark
    DD: Vivian Leanne (Vivi)
    DS: Barnaby Tyler (Barney)
    DS: Gilbert Jonathan (Gibbs)
    DD: Clementine Faith (Cleo)
    DS: Linus Matthew
    DS: William Lewis (Will)

    YEAR 9: not pregnant

    YEAR 10: not pregnant

    37 CHILDREN!!!!
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    DW: Lily Claire Ronan
    DH: Henry Connor Harris

    1. Not pregnant
    2. Quadruplets, DD/DD/DD/DD: Meredith Anne/Hazel Alice/Sadie Grace/Rose Evangeline (8)
    3. Not pregnant
    4. Not pregnant
    5. Not pregnant
    6. Not pregnant
    7. Not pregnant
    8. Twins, DD/DS: Maisie Blair/Bennett Oliver (2)
    9. Not pregnant
    10. Quadruplets, DD/DD/DD/DS: Charlotte Lily/Olive Tessa/Penelope Lucy "Penny"/Liam Isaac (nb)

    Meredith, Hazel, Sadie, Rose, Maisie, Bennett, Charlotte, Olive, Penny and Liam

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    Parents: Jasmine Renee and Dillon Andrew

    Year 1: Pregnant - Twins - Gideon James and Gabrielle Jade
    Year 2: Pregnant - Novtuplets - Bentley Ryan, Brooklyn May, Bethany Rose, Buster Michael, Bryan Levi, Briony Grace, Barclay Ismael, Bennett Rohan, and Blythe AnneMarie
    Year 3: Pregnant - Dectuplets - Zara Anneliese, Yasmine Renee, Xanthe Willow, Wyatt John, Vincent Luke, Ulysses Mark, Tatiana Clare, Simon Hugh, Rafferty Liam, and Quinn Angelica
    Year 4: Pregnant - Septuplets - Marilyn Jessica, Melvin Jasper, Martine Eloise, Marcella Penny, Mervin Vance, Magdalen Lily, and Malea Brittany
    Year 5: Pregnant - Twins - George Alan and Grady Aaron
    Year 6: Not Pregnant
    Year 7: Pregnant - Quintuplets - Orville Nicholas, Oswald Bailey, Octavia Felicity, Ondine Marcia, and Ogden Mitchell
    Year 8: Not pregnant
    Year 9: Pregnant - Sextuplets - Epiphany Jane, Evangeline June, Elaine Michelle, Erasmus Leo, Etienne Nigel, and Ebony Anna
    Year 10: Pregnant - Triplets - Kathleen Maya, Kallista Chloe, and Kenneth Rory

    Number of children: 44
    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies: Ava Posey, Twila, Opal, Tansy, Eleanor, Elise, Freya, Ramona, Hero, Carly
    Little gents: Brogan, Emory, Thayer, Calvin, Aubrey, Isaac, Caleb, Leo, Harvey, Asa

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    United Kingdom
    year one: Octuplets (all boys) - James, Alfred, Noah, Isaac, Hugo, Ruben, Arthur, Rupert

    year two: not pregnant

    year three: not pregnant

    year four: not pregnant

    year five: not pregnant

    year six: not pregnant

    year seven: dectuplets (7 girls & 3 boys) - Remus, Nathaniel, Elias, Isla, Isobel, Sienna, Charlotte, Eleanor, Rosalie, Evelyn

    year eight: septuplets (6 girls & 1 boy) - Theo, Camilla, Elisabeth, Aria, Lyric, Caitlyn, Keira, Mallory

    year nine: dectuplets (3 boys & 7 girls) - Carson, Atticus, Jasper, Juno, Isolde, Luna, Mollie, Ilona, Olivia, Alba

    year ten: quintuplets (1 boy & girls) - Camden, Vivian, Milena, Caecilia, Ffion
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    20 year old name lover from England

    Current Favourites

    Eden, Lila, Scarlett, Adelaide, Ruby, Maeve, Darcy, Lydia, Emilia
    James, Edward, Theodore, Gabriel, Arthur, Jude, Miles, Nathaniel

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    A sixteen year old name addict.

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