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    Northern Ireland
    step 1) parents : Allison Natalia & Clayton Oliver

    step 2) Year 1 - yes
    Year 2 - No
    Year 3 - yes
    Year 4 - no
    Year 5 - yes
    Year 6 - no
    Year 7 - yes
    Year 8 - no
    Year 9 - yes
    Year 10 - no

    Step 3) Year 1 - Twins (2)
    Year 3 - Quads (4)
    Year 5 - Septplets (7)
    Year 7 - Twins (2)
    Year 9 - Quints (5)

    Step 4) Year 1 - Twins - Boy/Boy
    Year 3 - Quads - Boy/Girl/Girl/Girl
    Year 5 - Septplets - Boy/Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl/Girl/Girl
    Year 7 - Twins - Boy/Boy
    Year 9 - Quints - Girl/Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl

    Step 5) Year 1 - Twins - Boy/Boy - Theodore Henry & Leon River
    Year 3 - Quads - Boy/Girl/Girl/Girl - Austin Daniel, Lila Elizabeth, Madison Clare & Ruby Grace
    Year 5-Septuplets-Boy/Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl/Girl/Girl-Dalton Thomas , Evander James , Delilah Rose , Bryson Matthew , Audrey Kate, Skylar Olivia & Peyton Danielle
    Year 7 - Twins - Boy/Boy - Finley Joseph & Jaxon Elijah
    Year 9 - Quints - Girl/Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl - Harriet Clarissa , Felix Nathaniel , Vanessa Jade, Jasper Rhys & Karli Amanda

    step 6) 20 kids - 10 Boys + 10 Girls
    Ally + Clay w/ Theo,Leo,Austin,Lila,Maddy,Ruby,Dalton,Evan,Delilah,Brys,Audrey,Skye,Penny,Finn,Jax,Harriet,Felix,Nesa,Jasper & Karli
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    Aria June and Miller Sven are the parents
    Year 1: Triplets; Rebecca Eve, Dominic Quinton and Emma Grace
    Year 2: Octuplets; Cleo Rose, Tyler Sven , Demi Luce, Isaiah Miller, Grey Alexander, Caius Blair, Faye Emilia and Leighton June
    Year 3: Tripletes; Hazel Lyss, Rosemund Leia and Harry Stephan
    Year 6: Dectuplets; Jezebel Ashira, Storm Truance, Jynx Ollie, Rebel Fire, Blaze Janie, Tempest Willa, Rogue Stone, Harley Shannen, Beretta Dane and Hunter Ashleigh.
    Year 9: Nontuplets; Theodore David, Eleanor Ruth, Irene Beatrice, Diana Marian, Peter Zachary, Kathrine Grace, Rose Anna, William George and Joseph Robert
    Year 10: whatever 7 is; Xen Davies, Raiden Jace, Capri Flora, Bandit James, Colt Victor, Ace Lucas and Zeus Willis.

    My family:
    Mom: Aria June Lois
    Dad: Miller Sven Lois
    1st: Rebecca Eve Lois "Becca" "Becky"
    2nd: Dominic Quinton Lois "Dommy" "Nic"
    3rd: Emma Grace Lois "Emmy"
    4th: Cleo Rose Lois "Cle"
    5th: Tyler Sven Lois "Ty"
    6th: Demi Luce Lois "Dem"
    7th: Isaiah Miller Lois "Saiah"
    8th: Grey Alexander Lois
    9th: Caius Blair Lois "Cai"
    10th: Faye Emilia Lois
    11th: Leighton June Lois "LeighLeigh"
    12th: Hazel Lyss Lois "Haze"
    13th: Rosemund Leia Lois "Rose"
    14th: Harry Stephan Lois
    15th: Jezebel Ashira Lois "Bel"
    16th: Storm Truance Lois "Stormy"
    17th: Jynx Ollie Lois
    18th: Rebel Fire Lois
    19th: Blaze Janie Lois
    20th: Tempest Willa Lois "Tempie"
    21st: Rogue Stone Lois
    22nd: Harley Shannen Lois "Har"
    23rd: Beretta Dane Lois "Rettie"
    24th: Hunter Ashleigh Lois "Hunt"
    25th: Theodore David Lois "Theo"
    26th: Eleanor Ruth Lois "Ellie"
    27th: Irene Beatrice Lois
    28th: Diana Marian Lois "Dani" "Di" "Ana"
    29th: Peter Zachary Lois "Petey"
    30th: Kathrine Grace Lois "Kath"
    31st: Rose Anna Lois "Rosie"
    32nd: William George Lois "Will"
    33rd: Joesph Robert Lois "Joes" "Joey"
    34th: Xen Davies Lois
    35th: Raiden Jace Lois "Raid"
    36th: Capri Flora Lois "RiRi"
    37th: Bandit James Lois "Bandito"
    38th: Colt Victor Lois
    39th: Ace Lucas Lois
    40th: Zeus Willis Lois "Zeusy"

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    Parents: Rhys Langston and Juliana Rose

    1) not pregnant

    2) not pregnant

    3) B/G/B/G quads

    Elliot Christian
    Artemis Rose
    Viggo Malachi
    Juniper Paige

    4) not pregnant

    5) G/B/B/G quads

    Rosalie Vivienne
    Jonah Lazarus
    Dashiell James
    Violet Magdalene

    6) B/B/G triplets

    Silas Benjamin
    Jasper Nicholas
    Luna Josephine

    7) B/B/G/G/G/B/B/B octuplets

    Gideon Frost
    Isaiah West
    Evangeline Plum
    Sophie Galadriel
    Willa Mirabelle
    Ezekiel Blaine
    Abram Alaric
    Edmund Zane

    8) not pregnant

    9) G/G/B/B/G/G sectupluets

    Blythe Amaryllis
    Eowyn Iris
    Gabriel Dallas
    Henry Wilder
    Carys Beatrix
    Eliza Snow

    10) not pregnant

    25 kids: Elliot, Artemis, Viggo, Juni, Rosalie Jonah, Dashiell, Violet, Silas, Jasper, Luna, Gideon, Isaiah, Evie, Sophie, Willa, Zeke, Bram, Teddy, Blythe, Eowyn, Gabe, Hank, Carys, Eliza
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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    DH: Colin Thomas
    DW: Grace Lauren

    Year 1-Not pregnant

    Year 2-Sextuplets:
    Eliana Skye, Caleb Timothy, Isaac Grey, Stella Faith, Maxwell Hudson, Levi Gabriel

    Year 3-Not pregnant

    Year 4-Not pregnant

    Year 5-Not pregnant

    Year 6-Quadruplets:
    Jocelyn Alexandra, Landon Joel, Ariana Paige, and Chloe Violet

    Year 7-Not pregnant

    Year 8-Not pregnant

    Year 9-Sextuplets:
    Keira Isabelle, William Mason, Oliver Charles, Zoey Catherine, Evan Connor, and Ava Brooke

    Year 10-Not pregnant

    Grace, Colin, and their sixteen children
    Eliana, Caleb, Isaac, Stella,
    Max, Levi, Jocelyn, Landon,
    Ariana, Chloe, Keira, Will,
    Oliver, Zoey, Evan, and Ava

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