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    Jan 2012
    DH: Alasdair James
    DW: Gemma Quenby

    Year 1
    DS: August Leopold (Auggie)

    Year 2
    DS: Caspian Wyatt
    DS: Holden Arthur
    DD: Elodie Livia
    DD: Molly Roscoe
    DS: Oliver Deacon
    DD: Payton Ivy
    DS: Soren Lev

    Year 3
    DD: Coralie Jade (Cora)
    DD: Maura Gwendolyn
    DD: Rowan Kate

    Year 4
    DD: Blythe Schuyler
    DS: Grayson Theodore (Gray)
    DD: Jane Elizabeth
    DS: Josiah Albus (Jed)
    DS: Rafferty Vinson (Raffie)
    DD: Skye Claudia
    DD: Verity Astrid
    DS: Zinc Percival

    Year 5
    DD: Andromeda Quinn (Andi)
    DS: Ezra Kai
    DS: Lincoln Raymond (Linc)
    DD: Emmeline Arwen (Emmy)
    DS: Reid Charlie
    DD: Ruth Lila
    DS: Ulysses Harry

    Year 6
    DD: Autumn Donnelly
    DD: Iris Delaney

    Year 7
    DD: Claire Paloma
    DD: Josephine Elle (Josie)
    DS: Bennett Mercer (Ben)
    DD: Nell Starling
    DS: Liam Toby
    DD: Reagan Xanthe
    DS: Phoenix Logan

    Year 8
    No pregnancy

    Year 9
    No pregnancy

    Year 10
    DD: Elinor Freya (Ellie)
    DS: Alessandro Jace (Alessio)
    DS: Jameson Aleph
    DD: Mercy Erin

    Current Favorites: Emmeline, Claire, Verity, Starling, Iris, Jane, Elodie, Gemma, Freya, Molly, Blythe, Nova, Schuyler, Maisie, Maura, Acacia, Quinn, Jade, Kenzie, Josephine

    Caspian, Rafferty, Bennett, Mercer, Callen, August, Grayson, Asa, Jory, Holden, Jameson, Soren, Ashley, Phoenix, Liam, Josiah, Declan, Adlai, Ezra, Kai

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    Say hello to Holiday and Jacen Jones, two newlyweds. Both aged twenty two, they have decided to start a family.
    Year One- Oh my! Holiday is pregnant with sextuplets! There is an even split of girls and boys. Let's welcome Felix William, Cato Harrison, Nero Matthew, Maia Day, Sara Jessica, and Anna Reigh.

    Year Two- With six little one year olds in the house, it was crazy to find out that Holiday was again pregnant. This time she only gave birth to a single little girl, Kiersten Rose.

    Year Three- Here come the toddler years! Six two year olds and the sweet little Kiersten were unlucky to remain the only children in their household.

    Year Four- Toddlers Galore! Seven toddlers run around the newly-purchased Estate, being joined by seven new Jones' children. Three little girls and four little boys joined the house. Say hello to Ryder West, Adam Fox, Wolf James, Zane Louis, Tempest Lou, Harley Jane, and Storm Renee.

    Year Five- Woo! Fourteen children! Again, Holiday becomes pregnant. Three little kids are born, with a lone boy in the mix. Salutations Kale Jacen, Izara Mae, and Fleur Marit!

    Year Six- Seventeen little kids are rockin' the house. Another little Jones' girl is on her way. Smile Summer Grace. Six kids just got themselves into kindergarten, and Kiersten is at the top of her pre-school.

    Year Seven- Everyone passed! Kiersten is headed into second grade with her siblings, being able to skip a grade. The pressure of another ten siblings may be a bit too much though. Five little boys; Raymond Walter, Morris Tanner, Ellington Garrett, Dexter Marshall, and Arlo Beck along with the girls; Belle Quinn, Ava Lynn, Brooke Diana, Lily Claire, and Willow Siran entered the house. That is a total of twenty-seven.

    Year Eight- No new additions this year. Everyone is doing great in school, especially Kiersten and her brother Wolf, who has entered the second grade.

    Year Nine- Fourth, third and first grades watch out! Another year has passed without children.

    Year Ten- Holiday decides it is time to stop trying for children, but is surprised to find out she is again pregnant. This she swears will be the last one. A pair of twin boys enter the family. Welcome to Hunter Lawrence and Trevor Jazz.

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    Apr 2009
    Parents: Heath Thomas and Jena Elise Honeycutt

    Year 1: Septuplets- G/B/G/B/B/G/B: Harper Rose, Benjamin Heath, Norah Elise, Aaron Paul, Silas Andrew, Cassidy Rae and Dylan Thomas

    Year 2: Triplets- G/B/B: Alexis Gwen, Foster James and Miles Gregory

    Year 3: Quintuplets- G/B/G/B/G: Lorelai Elizabeth, Wesley Joseph, Georgia Lauren, Jensen Wyatt, Avery Faith

    Year 4: Not Pregnant

    Year 5: Not Pregnant

    Year 6: Octuplets- B/G/G/B/G/G/G/B: Hudson Jack, Reese Olivia, Piper Charlotte, Archer Lennon, Quinn Samantha, Harlow Christine, Grace Kelly, Tanner Jude

    Year 7: Not Pregnant

    Year 8: Dectuplets- G/G/B/G/G/G/B/G/G/B: Stella Evelyn, Audrey Genevieve, Caleb Lane, Hannah Victoria, Scarlett Hadley, Emma Blair, Landon Jacob, Mia Caroline, Natalie Erin, Declan Blake

    Year 9: Not Pregnant

    Year 10: Not Pregnant

    33 kids!

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    Oct 2010
    Lethbridge, Alberta
    LN: King
    DH: Dante Roman
DW: Charlotte Ophelia

    Year 1: Pregnant - twins - girl, boy - Evangeline Ophelia, Lysander Roman

    Year 2: Not pregnant

    Year 3: Not pregnant

    Year 4: Not pregnant

    Year 5: Pregnant - twins - boy, boy - Castiel Dante, Elias Vincent

    Year 6: Pregnant - twins - boy, boy - Benedict Grey, Sebastian Louis

    Year 7: Not pregnant

    Year 8: Pregnant - single child - girl - Beatrice Emmeline

    Year 9: Pregnant - quadruplets - boy, girl, boy, boy - Sawyer James, Clementine Alice, Quinn Lestat, Louis Magnus

    Year 10: Pregnant - twins - boy, girl - Atticus Gabriel, Violet Magnolia
    Girls: Beatrice Emmeline, Clementine Alice, Lana Magnolia, Ellington Briar, Violet Aurelia, Charlotte Ophelia, Evangeline Belle
    Boys: Benedict Gray, August Sebastian, Lysander Quinn, Magnus Roland, Julian Lestat, Mias Vincent, Castiel Sawyer

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    May 2011
    Mom: Savannah
    Dad: Matthew

    Year 1: Pregnant, 9 children:

    Year 2: Pregnant, 4 kids:

    Year 3: Pregnant, 6 kids:

    Year 4: not pregnant

    Year 5: pregnant, 3 kids:

    Year 6: pregnant, 7 kids:

    Year 7: not pregnant

    Year 8: pregnant, 8 kids:

    Year 9: not pregnant

    Year 10: pregnant, 6 kids:

    In 10 years I had 43 children.
    😃 New wife and new mother of 3.

    Loving Sam, Joely, Arlo and Bristol.

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