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    Oct 2012
    London, UK (Originally from Australia)
    1: Not Pregnant

    2: Quadruplets – G/B/B/G

    Elodie Amalia/ Olivier Richard/ Henri Felipe/ Brigitte Estelle

    3: Quadruplets – B/G/G/G

    Tennessee Rhett/ Emmylou Savannah / Mayella Leora/ Georgia Belle

    4: Sextuplets – B/B/G/B/B/B

    Harrison Judd/ Jacoby John/ Kennedy Jaya/ Sutton Jude/ Cohen Jack/ Dawson Jake

    5: Quintuplets – G/B/B/B/B

    Holiday Wren/ Bravery William/ Story Warren/ Tate Winston/ Jet Wilson

    6: Not Pregnant

    7: Twin – B/G

    Cedar Houston/ Pearl Chelsea

    8: Not Pregnant

    9: Sextuplets – B/B/G/G/G/B

    River Humphrey/ Wolf Frederick/ Posey Mabel/ Blossom Penelope/ Lotus Viola/ Ash Theodore

    10: Not Pregnant

    THE 27 KIDS

    Elodie, Oli, Henri, Brig, Tenne, Emmylou, Mayella, Gerogia, Harry, Jac, Kennedy, Sutton, Cohen, Dawson, Holi, Brave, Story, Tate, Jet, Cedar, Pearl, River, Wolf, Posey, Blossom, Lotie and Ash

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    East Coast, United States
    Olivia Cathryn and Louis William

    Year 1: not pregnant

    Year 2: 1 boy and 1 girl
    Rafael Eli and Talia Domenica

    Year 3: 3 boys and 1 girl
    Conrad Cicero, Xander Cato, Samuel Knox, and Lucia Adeline

    Year 4: not pregnant

    Year 5: 3 boys and 1 girl
    Zac Ferro, Roman Luke, Samson Theo, and Genevieve Wren

    Year 6: 2 girls
    Calixta Poppy and Seraphina Clove

    Year 7: not pregnant

    Year 8: 2 girls
    Fiona Blair and Brie Adair

    Year 9: not pregnant

    Year 10: not pregnant

    My 14 kids in age order: Rafael, Talia, Conrad, Xander, Samuel, Lucia, Zac, Roman, Samson, Genevieve, Calixta, Seraphina, Fiona, and Brie
    ~Nova~Adelaide~Spencer~Poppy~Clove~Adelyn~Calixta~ Aurelia~Aria~Adair~Brie~Amber~Kylie~
    ~Kali~Kendall~Tally~Seraphina~Lucia~Talia~ Domenica~

    ~Rafael~Eli~Luciano~Isaiah~Nicholas~Logan~Xander~C ato~

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    Sep 2012
    New Hampshire
    Year 1: Not pregnant
    Year 2: G/B/B/G - Stella Melody Claire, Alexander Owen, Mark Thomas, Annabel Ava Paige
    Year 3: G/B/B/B/G - Leah Jeanne, Jack Lawrence, Curran Gabriel, Seamus Vincent, Haley Rose
    Year 4: B/B/G - Adam Tate, Caleb Atticus, Bridget Molly
    Year 5: G - Fiona Autumn
    Year 6: G/G/B/B - Elodie Olivia, Fallon Maeve, Declan Flynn, Julian Ryan
    Year 7: Not pregnant
    Year 8: B - Lucas Jude
    Year 9: Not pregnant
    Year 10: B/B - Colton Avery and Mason Jeremiah

    7 pregnancies, 20 children

    Stella, Alex, Mark, Anna, Leah, Jack, Curran, Shea, Haley, Adam, Caleb, Bridget, Fiona, Ellie, Fallon, Declan, Julian, Luke, Cole, and Mason

    Alexander Owen ~ Patrick Thomas ~ Jeremy Shea ~ Nolan Jack ~ Conor Arlo ~ Evan Daniel ~ Samuel Mark
    Nora ~ Claire ~ Stella ~ Maura ~ Madeleine ~ Violet ~ Victoria ~ Ava ~ Gabrielle ~ Leah ~ Soleil

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    Parents: Sophie Natasha & Alexander Matthew
    Year One: Pregnant, Harry Alexander, William Henry, James Edward, Charlie Maximillian, Annabelle Lucy and Hannah Daisy.
    Year Two: Pregnant, David Thomas, Kerion Theo, Amelia Grace and Rosie Eleanor.
    Year Three: None
    Year Four: None
    Year Five: None
    Year Six: Pregnant,Jack Elliot, Hugo Andrew, Alfie Leo, Molly Katherine, Isabella May and Chloe Georgia.
    Year Seven: None
    Year Eight: Pregnant, Charlotte Emily and Ruby Eve.
    Year Nine: Pregnant, Darcie Abigail, Eliza Mia, Scarlett Elizabeth, Eleanor Zoe.
    Year Ten: None

    Total Pregnancies:5
    Total Children: 22

    Whole Family:
    Sophie and Alexander
    Annabelle "belle"
    Amelia "milly"
    Isabella "izzy"
    Charlotte "lotte"
    Eleanor "ellie"

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    Maycomb County, Alabama
    Step 1:
    DH: William (Will) Gabriel O'Hara
    DW: Rosie Elizabeth O'Hara

    Step 2, 3 & 4:
    Year #1: Pregnant, 9 kids (6 girls & 3 boys)
    Year #2: Pregnant, Quintuplets (2 girls & 3 boys)
    Year #3: Not Pregnant
    Year #4: Pregnant, 9 kids (2 girls & 7 boys)
    Year #5: Not Pregnant
    Year #6: Not Pregnant
    Year #7: Pregnant, Quintuplets (all boys)
    Year #8: Not Pregnant
    Year #9: Not Pregnant
    Year #10: Pregnant, Quintuplets (3 girls & 2 boys)

    Pregnancy #1:
    DD: Eloise Quinn
    DD: Lilly Grey
    DD: Blair Winslet
    DD: Stella Joy
    DD: Aria Reese
    DD: Fiona Leighton
    DS: Cooper Harris
    DS: Bradford Sailor
    DS: Maddox River

    Pregnancy #2:
    DD: Alice Amelia
    DD: Annalie Claire
    DS: Archer Levi
    DS: Atticus Brooks
    DS: Astaire Crew

    Pregnancy #3:
    DD: Laurel Wren
    DD: Ivy Harbor
    DS: Gardener Bay
    DS: Forest Pike
    DS: Sage Quartz
    DS: Birch Cliff
    DS: Hawk Ocean
    DS: Ash Juniper
    DS: Dune Ridge

    Pregnancy #4:
    DS: Franklin Maddox
    DS: Finley Edmund
    DS: Flynn Oliver
    DS: Fletcher Mason
    DS: Fallon Rhett

    Pregnancy #5:
    DD: Klariza Skye
    DD: Katia Rue
    DD: Kairi Harper
    DS: Keiran Gardener
    DS: Kendall Maverick

    Grand Total: 33 kids - 13 girls & 20 boys
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. India. Jane. Ramona. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Finley. Theodore. Tobias.

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