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    Re: How Many Kids Can You Have in 10 Years???

    Ruby Alice Pine & Joshua Charles Pine

    Year 1: no babies
    Year 2: no babies
    Year 3: no babies
    Year 4: success -- dectuplets!
    Year 5: success -- single!
    Year 6: no babies
    Year 7: no babies
    Year 8: no babies
    Year 9: success -- quintuplets!
    Year 10: no babies


    Year 4: dectuplets (BGBBGBBBBG)
    B: Jasper Cyrus Pine (JC)
    G: Matilda Ruby Pine (Milla)
    B: Nathaniel Scott Pine (Nate)
    B: Gideon August Pine (Geo)
    G: Emmeline Clara Pine (Emmie)
    B: William Noah Pine (Will)
    B: Reuben Edgar Pine (Reu)
    B: Elias Roman Pine (Eli)
    B: Phoenix Morgan Pine (Phin)
    G: Catherine Olive Pine (Cate)

    Year 5: single (B)
    B: Sebastian Jonah Pine (Ash)

    Year 9: quintuplets (GGBBB)
    G: Annabel Rosa Pine (Anna)
    G: Violet Alice Pine (Vi)
    B: Atticus Walden Pine (Kit)
    B: Shiloh Bennet Pine (Shy)
    B: Hunter Samuel Pine (Hunt)

    So I end up with 16 kids - 5 girls, 11 boys
    Jasper, Matilda, Nathaniel, Gideon, Emmeline, William, Reuben, Elias, Phoenix, Catherine, Sebastian, Annabel, Violet, Atticus, Shiloh and Hunter
    (JC, Milla, Nate, Geo, Emmie, Will, Reu, Eli, Phin, Cate, Ash, Anna, Vi, Kit, Shy and Hunt)
    g e n e v i e v e

    Violet Ruby Grace ♀ Alice Pomeline Wren ♀ India Lotus Penelope
    May Tallulah Verity ♀ Lucia Ottilie June♀ Rosa Elowen Chloë

    Ivo Valentine Fox ♂ Shiloh Atlas Grey ♂ Leo Elijah Bram
    Maben Isaac Poe ♂ Emrys Casper Gabriel ♂ Kit Auberon Xavier

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    Re: How Many Kids Can You Have in 10 Years???

    Me: Effie Gwendolen Temperance.
    Husband: Barry Geoffrey Temperance.
    Year 1: No kids.
    Year 2: No kids.
    Year 3: Kids! - 9.
    1. Gage Linton Temperance.
    2. Regina Waverly Temperance.
    3. Lotte Rosabelle Temperance.
    4. Circe Louella Temperance.
    5. Leonard Robert Temperance.
    6. Henley Dawson Temperance.
    7. Rider Ptolemy Temperance.
    8. Hartley Leland Temperance.
    9. Laney Elisa Temperance.
    Year 4: Kids! - 7.
    1. Abba Natalya Temperance.
    2. Brice Willoughby Temperance.
    3. Alasdair Peregrine Temperance.
    4. Bruno Kane Temperance.
    5. Ava Day Temperance.
    6. Archer Shepherd Temperance.
    7. Baker Timothy Temperance.
    Year 5: Kids! - 4.
    1. Tanner Pete Temperance.
    2. Holt Gregory Temperance.
    3. Jeremy Colt Temperance.
    4. Banner Mercer Temperance.
    Year 6: No kids.
    Year 7: No kids.
    Year 8: Kids! - 2.
    1. Beamer Lander Temperance.
    2. Lardner Baxter Temperance.
    Year 9: No kids.
    Year 10: No kids.

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    Re: How Many Kids Can You Have in 10 Years???

    Step 1: Honor Catherine and Anderson James Hemingway

    Step 2:
    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. no
    4. yes
    5. no
    6. yes
    7. no
    8. yes
    9. yes
    10. no

    Step 3,4:
    1. 4, girl, girl, girl, girl
    2. 4, girl, boy, boy, girl
    4. 3, girl, girl, boy
    6. 1, boy
    8. 1, girl
    9. 2, girl, girl

    Step 5: Name the babies
    1: Daisy Annabel, Holly Beatrice, Ivy Charlotte, Poppy Deborah
    2: Leda Eleanor, Orion Francis, Atlas Graham, Clio Imogen
    4: Ruby Jocelyn, Pearl Katherine, Jasper Leonard
    6: Felix Mackenzie
    8: Junia Natalie
    9: Tamsin Opal, Gemma Phoebe

    Step 6: How many kids do you have by the end of Year 10?
    Daisy, Holly, Ivy, Poppy, Leda, Orion, Atlas, Clio, Ruby, Pearl, Jasper, Felix, Junia, Tamsin, and Gemma - that's 15 kids!

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    Re: How Many Kids Can You Have in 10 Years???

    Me: Lindsay Brigitte James.
    Husband: Luke Wilson James.
    Year 1: Kids - 4.
    1. Leonard Man James.
    2. Cohen Levon James.
    3. Annie Leighton James.
    4. Lewis Smith James.
    Year 2: No Kids.
    Year 3: No Kids.
    Year 4: Kids - 6.
    5. Guthrie Williams James.
    6. Serena Hadley James.
    7. Miles Davis James.
    8. Adams Hemingway James.
    9. Amy Leigh James.
    10. Jason Bowen James.
    Year 5: Kids - 2.
    11. Drew Linton James.
    12. Ford Ptolemy James.
    Year 6: No Kids.
    Year 7: No Kids.
    Year 8: Kids - 2.
    13. Gretchen Ashby James.
    14. Nancy Dell James.
    Year 9: Kids - 3.
    15. Angelina Vivienne James.
    16. Brad Orlando James.
    17. Miranda Claudia James.
    Year 10: Kids - 1.
    18. Thomas Kerr James.

    1. Leonard.
    --Wife: Sofia.
    --Kids: Mars, Berry, Garner, Ben, Ever, and Paul.
    2. Cohen.
    --Wife: Penny.
    --Kid: Anderson.
    3. Annie.
    --Husband: Rafferty.
    --Kids: Jude and Law.
    4. Lewis.
    --Wife: Sacha.
    --Kids: Draco, Harry, Potter, Sirius, Dawson, and Vesper.
    5. Guthrie.
    --Wife: Sloan.
    --Kids: Bruno, Baron, Lion, and King.
    6. Serena.
    --Husband: Shakespeare.
    --Kids: Darcy, Jane, Austen, Sabrina, Audrey, and Ophelia.
    7. Miles.
    --Wife: Bellatrix.
    --Kids: Rob, Rule, and Anna.
    8. Adams.
    --Wife: Charlotte.
    --Kids: Eleanor, Josephine, and Charlie.
    9. Amy.
    --Husband: William.
    --Kids: Andrew, Alice, and Violet.
    10. Jason.
    --Wife: Stella.
    --Kids: Rose, Lucy, Hazel, Florence, Charles, Harry, Henry, Jack, and Leo.
    11. Drew.
    --Wife: Grace.
    --Kids: Eva, Esther, Benjamin, and Ray.
    12. Ford.
    --Wife: Evelyn.
    --Kid: Sam.
    13. Gretchen.
    --Husband: Arthur.
    --Kids: Ella, Eva, Julia, Beatrice, and Edward.
    14. Nancy.
    --Husband: Walter.
    --Kids: Clara, Edith, Marguerite, Oscar, Louis, and Raymond.
    15. Angelina.
    --Husband: Lewis.
    --Kids: Victor, Vincent, Vivian, and Viola.
    16. Brad.
    --Wife: June.
    --Kids: Lena, Vera, Sylvia, Leon, and Homer.
    17. Miranda.
    --Husband: Frank.
    --Kids: Ruby, Pearl, and Minnie.
    18. Thomas.
    --Wife: Leona.
    --Kids: Lillian and Mabel.

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    Re: How Many Kids Can You Have in 10 Years???

    Parents: Daniel and Marietta Kingsley

    year 1: no
    year 2: yes-octuplets: Sawyer (girl), Julien (boy), Imogen (girl), Juliana (girl), Willoughby (boy), Violet (girl), Avery (boy), Paxton (boy)
    year 3:no
    year 4:yes-septuplets: Adrian (boy), Rylan (boy), Olivia (girl), Henry (boy), Theodore (boy), Claire (girl), Oliver (boy)
    year 5: yes-single: Colin (boy)
    year 6: yes-quintuplets: Coralie (girl), Alice (girl), Zephyr (boy), Lilac (girl), Teagan (girl)
    year 7: no
    year 8: no
    year 9: no
    year 10: no
    Total kids: 21 -- Sawyer, Julien, Imogen, Juliana, Will, Violet, Avery, Pax, Adrian, Rylan, Olivia, Henry, Theo, Claire, Oliver, Colin, Coralie, Alice, Zephyr, Lilac, Tegan
    Current Favorite Girl Names: Violet, Tegan, Coralie, Imogen, Piper

    Current Favorite Boy Names: Oliver, Colin, Theodore, Willoughby, Harrison

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