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    Aug 2012
    Parents: Luna Mae Taylor and Rudy James Taylor

    Year One: No pregnancy
    Year Two: No pregnancy
    Year Three: No pregnancy
    Year Four: No pregnancy
    Year Five: No pregnancy
    Year Six: No pregnancy
    Year Seven: Dectuplets. Three girls and seven boys.
    Primrose Evangeline, Charlotte Matilda, Madeline Annabelle, Raphael James, Damien Joseph, Zachary Charles, Elliot Nicholas, Jude Isaac, Dimitri Jonah and Phineas Emmanuel.
    Prim, Lotte, Maddie, Raffy, Damien, Zac, Elliot, Jude, Mitri and Finn
    Year Eight: Quintuplets. Four boys and a girl.
    Isobel Daisy, Vincent Oliver, Benjamin Kai, Alexander Frederick and George Thomas.
    Bel, Vince, Benny, Zander and George
    Year Nine: No pregnancy
    Year Ten: Quintuplets. Two boys and three girls.
    Elsie Florence, Fleur Elizabeth, Cassidy Blair, Quentin Michael and Spencer Jack.
    Else, Fleur, Cassie, Tin and Spence
    Kaspar, Felix, Dmitri, Rudi and Soren
    Amelie, June, Belle, Luna and Violet
    *Not expecting, just collecting*

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    May 2012
    DH: Dylan Elias O'Brien
    DW: Jessica Holly O'Brien nee Winters

    Year 1: Sextuplets - G/G/B/G/G/B - Evangeline Grace, Sienna Hope, Miles Elliot, Selina Faith, Hester Mercy & Noah Vaughn

    Year 2: Not pregnant

    Year 3: Dectuplets - B/B/G/G/B/B/G/B/G/B - Sebastian Tate, Oliver Jacob, Astrid Sophia, Charlotte Rebecca, Benjamin Warren, Tobias Rory, Leila Natalie, Zachary Owen, Eleanor Chloe & Jasper Niall

    Year 4: Not pregnant

    Year 5: Twins - B/B - Jonathon Xavier & James Nicholas

    Year 6: Dectuplets - B/B/G/B/G/G/B/B/B/G - Theo Dominic, Griffin Maddox, Lyra Valencia, Aidan Connor, Amelia Cerys, Caitlin Ruby, Damian Arthur, Joshua Fergus, Reuben Wyatt & Lydia Rachel

    Year 7: Novtuplets - G/G/B/B/G/G/G/G/B - Sadie Ophelia, Hailey Renata, Felix Thomas, Nathaniel Ross, Bianca Emily, Tabitha Lily, Caelan Felicity, Ashlyn Marie & Aaron Luke

    Year 8: Not pregnant

    Year 9: Octuplets - B/G/B/G/G/G/G/G - Kieran Marcus, Vesper Madeline, Ryan Jared, Alanna Rose, Dakota Rae, Yelena Juniper, Maggie Victoria & Leah Jennifer

    Year 10: Novtuplets - B/B/G/G/B/G/G/G/B - Timothy Rhys, Bartholomew Henry, Olivia Zoey, Isla Megan, Morgan Percy, Lucy Isabel, Thalia Aurelie, Cara Penelope & Daniel Adam

    Dylan & Jessica with their 54 kids (29 girls and 25 boys) -

    Evie, Sienna, Selina, Hester, Astrid, Charlotte, Leila, Ellie, Lyra, Amy, Caitlin, Lydia, Sadie, Hailey, Bianca, Tabitha, Caelan, Ashlyn, Vesper, Dakota, Alanna, Yelena, Maggie, Leah, Olivia, Isla, Lucy, Thalia and Cara

    Miles, Noah, Sebastian, Oliver, Ben, Toby, Zac, Jasper, Jon, James, Theo, Griffin, Aidan, Damian, Josh, Reuben, Felix, Nate, Aaron, Kieran, Ryan, Tim, Bart, Morgan and Dan.
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Sep 2012
    Declan Benjamin Hughes & Samaria Joan Hughes

    Year 1: pregnant
    Year 2: pregnant
    Year 3: pregnant
    Year 4: no
    Year 5: no
    Year 6: no
    Year 7: no
    Year 8: pregnant
    Year 9: pregnant
    Year 10: pregnant

    Year 1: 10 children: boy, girl, girl, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, girl, boy
    Year 2: 6 children: girl, boy, boy, girl, boy, girl
    Year 3: 7 children: girl, boy, boy, girl, girl, girl, boy
    Year 4: no
    Year 5: no
    Year 6: no
    Year 7: no
    Year 8: 8 children: girl, girl, boy, boy, boy, boy, girl, boy
    Year 9: 10 children: boy, boy, girl, boy, boy, girl, girl, boy, boy, boy
    Year 10: 5 children: girl, girl, girl, boy, girl

    Year 1:
    1. Dylan Charles
    2. Felicity Rose
    3. Abigail Maisie
    4. Noah Patrick
    5. Stephen Lionel
    6. Roland Jack
    7. Quinn Elliot
    8. Zachary Finn
    9. Helen Emmeline
    10. Gabriel Blake
    Year 2:
    1. Kimberly Willow
    2. Nolan Xavier
    3. Sawyer Adam
    4. Quintia Jane
    5. Nathaniel Quentin
    6. Amanda Winifred
    Year 3:
    1. Johanna Daisy
    2. Jamieson Mark
    3. Zane Roger
    4. Olivia Viola
    5. Maeve Ursula
    6. Valentina Noelle
    7. Petunia Bonnie
    Year 4: no
    Year 5: no
    Year 6: no
    Year 7: no
    Year 8:
    1. Bethany Louisa
    2. Rhiannon Nicole
    3. Tennyson George
    4. Byron Wade
    5. Nicholas Trevor
    6. Yestin York
    7. Danielle Noemi
    8. Emmett Brody
    Year 9:
    1. Xerxes River
    2. Raymond Ben
    3. Agnes Grace
    4. Calvin Lorence
    5. Uriah Owen
    6. Clover Analise
    7. Yvonne Isla
    8. Hudson Uriel
    9. Scott Nash
    10. Angel Neville
    Year 10:
    1. Serena Isabel
    2. Zoey Pearl
    3. Katriona Talia
    4. Paul Justin (PJ)
    5. Darcy Leah

    46 kids
    26 boys & 20 girls

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    Step 1: Nathan Ryan Antellus and Amnia Rose Antellus

    Step 2: Roll the dice for each year: even number means you get pregnant; odd number means you don't.

    Step 3: If you rolled an even number, roll the dice again to find out how many children are born in that year. (1 baby through dectuplets)

    Step 4: For each child, roll the dice to determine the sex; even means girl, odd means boy.

    Step 5: Name the babies

    Step 6: How many kids do you have by the end of Year 10? If you want, you can list all their names.

    2012 (year 1): No kids

    2013 (year 2): Quintuplets.
    Girls: 4
    Boys: 1
    Names: Amara Renae, Bianca Corinne, Coralie Rose, Dehlia Elise, and Elias Graham

    2014 (year 3): Quintuplets.
    Girls: 3
    Boys: 2
    Names: Farrah Marie, Gemma Kathleen, Harriot Leighton, Ian Clayton, and James Beckett

    2015 (year 4): Quadruplets.
    Girls: 1
    Boys: 3
    Names: Kathleen Elise, Luca Christian, Maverick Eugene, Nathaniel Brentley

    2016 (year 5): Octuplets
    Girls: 5
    Boys: 3
    Names: Olivia Coleen, Palio Remington, Quentin Graham, Roman Kai, Stella Ariana, Talia Verona, Uvera Malise, Violet Nevaeh,

    2017 (year 6): Nine kids
    Girls: 5
    Boys: 4
    Names: Wyatt James, Xander Brentley, Yvae Nicollet, Zara Elise, Abigail Rose, Bradley Eugene, Charlotte Nevae, Declan Harley, Elsa Makaylin,

    2018 (year 7): nine kids
    Girls: 5
    Boys: 4
    Names: Finley, Graham, Harrison, Isla, Jenevieve, Kaden, Lloyd, Maura, Nora

    2019 (year 8): sixtuplets
    Girls: 2
    Boys: 4
    Names: Olivia, Patrick, Quantez, Rosalie, Seth, Tate,

    2020 (year 9): seven
    Girls: 3
    Boys: 4
    Names: Umaine, Verona, Willow, Xelio, Yvonne, Zander

    2021 (year 10): 1
    Girl: 1
    Boy: 0
    Name: Alana

    49 kids..... omg..
    Girls: 29
    Boys: 20

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