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    Step 1: Colette Marie & Richard John

    Step 2:
    no baby
    no baby
    no baby
    no baby
    no baby

    Step 3:
    Year 2- Five
    Year 4- eight
    Year 6- eight
    Year 8- nine
    Year 10- Ten

    Step 4:
    Year 2- G/G/G/G/G
    Year 4- B/B/G/B/B/G/G/B
    Year 6- G/G/G/G/B/B/B/B
    Year 8- B/B/B/B/B/G/G/G/G
    Year 10- G/G/G/B/B/B/G/G/G/B

    Step 5:
    Year 2- Harriet Faith/Kennedy Hope/Kassidy Scout/Layla Susie/Leia Dawson
    Year 4- Connor Maynard/Calvin Alexander/Millie Rose/Patrick Ellis/Liam Christopher/Payton Louise/Evie Freya/Mason Flecher
    Year 6- Aubrey Colette/Coleen Rain/Presley Indgo/Paisley Jane/Harry Joshua/Cameron Mark/Louis Micheal/Malachi Rhys
    Year 8- Zachary John/Joey Thomas/Noah Evan/Aiden Patrick/Richard Carson/Sinead Casey/Abigail Summer/Maisie Faye/Shannon Ella
    Year 10- Addison Rachel/Connie Mae/Charlotte Letitia/Brody Tyler/Finaly Colton/Riley Logan/Ava Evangeline/Sophie Alice/Katie Lynn/Dylan Jack

    Step 6:
    40 kids!
    19 boys
    21 girls

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    Parents: Juliette Rae Hastings and Reece Langston Hastings

    Year 1: None

    Year 2: None

    Year 3: Twins (gg) - Rosalie Vivienne Hastings and Adeline Pearl Hastings (Addie)

    Year 4: Quintuplets (bbggb) - Elliot Archer Hastings, Jasper Leland Hastings, Sophia Juliette Hastings (Sophie), Phoebe Katherine Hastings, and Silas Christopher Hastings

    Year 5: Octuplets! (bbbgbbbg) - Henry Cash Hastings (Huck), Beau Wilder Hastings, Jesse Dallas Hastings, Violet Rebecca Hastings, Grant Langston Hastings, Gideon Clay Hastings, William Reece Hastings (Will), Georgia Seraphine Hastings

    Year 6: Septuplets (ggbggbg) - Evangeline Rae Hastings (Evie), Penelope Faith Hastings (Poppy), Ezekiel Blaine Hastings (Zeke), Scarlett Grace Hastings, Susannah Hadley Hastings (Susie), Oscar Phineas Hastings, Zoe Gabriella Hastings

    Year 7: Sextuplets (gggggg) - Willow Claire Hastings, Natalie Mirabelle Hastings, Cassandra Blythe Hastings (Cassie), Olivia Mauve Hastings (Liv), Piper Vanessa Hastings, Vera Charlotte Hastings

    Year 8: None

    Year 9: Twins (bg) - Remy Samuel Hastings and Iris Josephine Hastings

    Year 10: Sextuplets (ggbgbb) - Matilda Frances Hastings (Tillie), Florence Marie Hastings (Flora), Spencer Milo Hastings (Spence), Virginia Plum Hastings (Ginny), Jonah Daniel Hastings, Arlo Joshua Hastings

    36 kids: Rosalie, Addie, Elliot, Jasper, Sophie, Phoebe, Silas, Huck, Beau, Jesse, Violet, Grant, Gideon, Will, Georgia, Evie, Poppy, Zeke, Scarlett, Susie, Oscar, Zoe, Willow, Natalie, Cassie, Liv, Piper, Vera, Remy, Iris, Tillie, Flora, Spence, Ginny, Jonah, and Arlo
    Silas ~ Gideon ~ Lincoln ~ Ezekiel ~ Declan ~ Samuel ~ Ezra ~ Tobias ~ Gabriel ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Sophie ~ Naomi ~ Willa ~ Evangeline ~ Freya ~ Vivienne ~ Lux ~ Josephine ~ Daphne
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

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    Parents are Marina Dancel and Gabriel Carpenter
    1.1-G Leilani
    2. No
    3. 6-4g 2b Rose, Annelise, Charlottle, Violet, Holden and Luke
    4. 3-1g 2b Scarlett, Jude, Ronan
    7.8-2g 6b Hope, Phoebe, Maxwell, Theo, Aaron, Kai, Nathan, Collin
    8.9-4g 5b Josephine, Noelle, Summer, Alora, Nolan, Zachary, Emmett, True and Adam
    9. No
    10. 10-6g 4b Caroline, Mae, Aurora, Clara, Jane, Melody, Isaac, Gray, Xavier, Griffin
    37 kids!!! 18 girls and 19 boys! Oh goodness...

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    Middle Earth

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    DW: Leonor Ella Dawson
    DH: William Henry Dawson

    Year 1: Not pregnant

    Year 2: Pregnant with G/B twins
    Poésie Martine Dawson and Judah Revere Dawson

    Year 3: Not pregnant

    Year 4: Pregnant with G/B/B triplets
    Hope Sissi Dawson, Willem Alvar Dawson and Enoch Trevis Dawson

    Year 5: Not pregnant

    Year 6: Not pregnant

    Year 7: Pregnant with G/G twins
    Opal Alexandria Dawson and Sol Alice Dawson

    Year 8: Not pregnant

    Year 9: Pregnant with one boy
    Felix Horizon Dawson

    Year 10: Not pregnant

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