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    Description for the Names (GIRLS)

    Hello everyone I thought this would be a fun game. I am sorry if there is already one like this but I do not recall there being one. Basically the first person posts three girl names, first and middle names. Then the second person gives a description of what they a girl with that name would look like or be like. Then they post three new names and it just continues.

    Poster 1: Evanna Grace
    Olivia Quinn
    Daisy Amelia

    Poster 2: Evanna Grace - would be a girl with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She is very outdoorsy and loves animals.
    Olivia Quinn - a tomboy who loves hockey. She has brown hair that is always in a ponytail. She hangs with the guys.
    Daisy Amelia - Girly girl. She loves dressing up and shopping. She has dirty blonde hair that is pin straight, naturally and doe like eyes.

    Georgie Lane
    Penelope Raine
    Justice Renee

    Repeat. Do you get it?

    Okay I'll start.

    Alexis-Lynn Penelope
    Cassandra Grace
    Jessamine Elizabethe
    Namenerd. Hayniac. Directioner. Book Lover. Music Geek. Full-time Fangirl.

    ~ Cassandra Grace ~ Jessamine Eve ~ Charlotte Abbigale ~

    ~ Alexander Jonathan ~ Benjamin James ~ Nathaniel William ~

    ~ Andie ~ Jessie ~ Charlie ~ Alec ~ Ben ~ Nate ~

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    Alexis-Lynn Penelope is avery popular girl in her class. She talks a lot and has brown hair

    Cassandra Grace is a very eenergetic girl with curly blonde hair. She loves entering beauty pageants.

    Jessamine Elizabethe is a very rich and spoiled girl. She gets everything she wants. Her hair is curly and dark brown.

    Rosey Paula
    Marlee Sailor
    Logan Bryony

    Teenberry. Ravenclaw. Age 15. Writer. Looking for character names.

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    Rosey Paula- Rosey has long blonde hair and a ton of freckles. She is quiet and sweet. Rosey is that person that is friendly and gets along with everyone.
    Marlee Sailor- Marlee has crazy wild and curly brown hair and big brown eyes. She is the biggest tomboy you will ever meet. She loves to get down and dirty with her older brothers.
    Logan Bryony- Logan has shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. She is very pretty, but a bit of a snob. Her family is very rich and she is used to having the newest everything.

    Clementine Isabelle
    Lila Kate
    Adelaide Pearl

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    Clementine (Tiny) Isabelle is traditionally pretty with brown hair and the slightest freckles. She is spunky in personality - smart as a whip, and she uses her brains for humor. She likes to dance.

    Lila Kate, with her fiery red hair and fiery personality, is a true tomboy. She loves all sports, would prefer shorts and a tshirt to a dress any day, and likes to climb trees. She wants to run faster and jump higher than all the other boys and girls. Her one ultra-girly interest is in nail polish. She does like to always have her toes and fingers matching

    Adelaide Pearl is a fabulously southern little lady. She likes the vintage south, even though she's only 7. You can find her with a parasol, a large hat with a huge bow, or a lemon in her sweet tea. Named after her two ultra-southern grandmothers, she appreciates wearing frilly things, lots of lace, and of course - PEARLS!

    Aria Winter
    Ivy Arabella
    Zadie Olive

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    Aria Winter is a smart but quiet girl with long dark hair and eyes that contrast nicely against her pale skin. She loves to listen to music and does very well in school.

    Ivy Arabella is a creative young girl who spend most of her time in her tree house putting together new inventions. She likes to wear lots of bright colors and patterns and is very direct and honest with everyone she meets.

    Zadie Olive loves nothing more than a great party! She intends to someday become a party planner, specifically for sweet 16's but right now is enjoying spending her youth "researching" all the parties she can get herself invited to. On the nights she isnt out, she spends her time with her fluffy white cat watching chick flicks and eating popcorn with chocolate chips in it.

    Winter Melody
    Nova Mae
    Valentine Lisette
    Mommy to the funniest little boy ever, Sage

    Favorite Color Names: Tundra, Winter, Nova, Sun, Clementine, Fox, Tor, Navy, Shea, Indigo
    Favorite Non Color Names: Hartley, Allison, Tara, Alora, Elle, Beau, Steven, Alton, Lars, Conrad

    (Favorite names may change often)

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