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    Re: CAF using MY families initials

    DH: Samuel James
    DW: Ciara Malone
    DS1: Samuel Archer
    DS2: Malakai Rueben
    DD1: Kathryn Jennifer
    DS3: Lincoln Micah

    Samuel and Ciara with Sam, Kai, Kate and Link
    DW: Teresa Jane
    DS: Ryan Samuel
    DS: Sebastian Micah
    DD: Josephine Eloise
    DD: Stephanie Teresa
    DD: Clara Jolie
    DS: Santiago Julian

    Sam and Teresa with Ryan, Sebe, Josie, Steph, Clara and Tiago

    DW: Karina Martina
    DS: Solar Martin
    DD: Kennedy Donna

    Kai and Karina with Solar and Kennedy

    DH: Tomas Arthur James
    DD: Jennifer Raquelle

    Kate and Tom with Jenni

    ExDW: Taylor Rebekah
    DS: James Mitchell
    DS: Caleb Frederick

    Link and Taylor with Jimmy and Cale
    Lochlan Robert Alexander~Henry Peter Drennan (Harry)~Thackeray Noah Benjamin~James David Arthur(Jimmy)

    Samantha Anne Margot~Helena Darcy~Hanna Grace~Rachel Genevieve~Emily Faith~Sydney Marie~Kathleen Alice (Kay)

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    Re: CAF using MY families initials

    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Re: CAF using MY families initials

    DH: Sutton James
    DW: Cora Madaline
    DS1: Sutton Andrew
    DS2: Micah Ralston
    DD1: Kerrigan Juliet
    DS3: Liam Michael
    Sutton and Cora, and their children: Sutton, Micah, Kerri and Liam

    DS1: Sutton Andrew
    DW: Tia Jocelyn
    DS: Ryker Sutton
    DS: Sawyer Matthew
    DD: Jovie Emerson
    DD: Stella Teagan
    DD: Cora Jane
    DS: Silas Jacob
    Sutton and Tia, and their children: Ryker, Sawyer, Jovie, Stella, Cora and Silas

    DS2: Micah Ralston
    DW: Katrina Marie
    DS: Stone Morris
    DD: Kearney Davah
    Micah and Katie, and their children: Stone and Kearney

    DD1: Kerrighan Juliett
    DH: Thomas Andrew James
    DD: Josie Reagan
    Kerri and Thomas, and their child: Josie

    DS3: Liam Michael
    ExDW: Tabitha Renee
    DS: Jonah Michael
    DS: Cohen Felix
    Liam and Tabitha, and their children: Jonah and Felix

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    Re: CAF using MY families initials

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    Re: CAF using MY families initials

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