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    Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    Hello. I hope I'm not posting too often. I am down to my last two first names and just want some clarity as to which sounds the best fit with my girls. I don't mind something not being matchy, I just like a nice balance if that makes any sense.
    I have so far a Brigid Winslet (although the current vogue for her is spelling her name the conventional way) and a Saskia Polly and a Clover Ottilie; currently the baby.
    My final two names are:
    Rosalind Eloise, nn Romy- middle name probably set, unless I get a better suggestion!
    Eulalie- the current favourite. no middle name decided but the options are..

    Eulalie Camille (nn Eula/Lalie)
    Eulalie Sylvia (nn option Elsa)
    Eulalie Flora (nn option Effie/Elfie)
    Any suggestions are welcome! I am a sucker for a feisty nickname.

    Anyway, the main questions are 1- which name goes best with my other kids? and 2- which name combination do you like best overall?

    Looking forward to any responses,

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    I love your names, they're wonderful!

    1) I think that Eulalie Sylvia goes best with your other kids, personally, down to the nickname Elsa, which goes very well indeed.

    2) I like Eulalie Flora best. It's lovely, and Effie is gorgeous! Also, have you considered Rosalind Eulalie?

    Here are some middle name surgestions with spunky nickname potential (OK, so some are a little off, but they are just plain cool)--

    Eulalie Stella 'Susy'
    Eulalie Beatrix 'Bea'
    Eulalie Gwendolyn 'Wendy'
    Eulalie Dorothy 'Dolly' or 'Dotty'
    Eulalie Eleanor 'Nellie'
    Eulalie Meredith 'Merely'
    Eulalie Dora 'Edie'
    Eulalie Virginia 'Vinnie'

    I hope you find something lovely!
    Emmett - Cathal - Eoghan - Baez - Wilfred - Rufus - Hugh - Virgil
    Rosemary - Lettice - Maude - Cordelia - Billie - Fenella - Eilidh

    Names for dreamy, sublime little darlings. The smell of springtime air, freckled knees, damp hair. Soft evening light and fiery hearts.

    olivia, seventeen, film student. owner of fluffy black cat Shura!

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    Eulalie Camille is absolutely stunning and I think it sounds great with the other girls' names. The only tiny concern I have is that maybe Eulalie is a little close to Ottilie but I don't think that's too big a deal. My vote is for Eulalie Camille.

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    I know you're probably sick of me but just wanted to give you my absolute final opinion on the subject.

    Eulalie Camille.

    I thought the nn Elka / Elke would be adorable.

    That's all folks!

    x abelle

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    Ooh abelle I never thought of Elka for some reason! Love it.
    And oliviasarah I love Eulalie Dora from your list (Plus Edie)
    elsiek thanks for the heads up.. I don't think it will be too big an issue as Ottilie is just a middle name and rarely used. Thank you though. Glad you like the names, I am pleased as punch

    So after your comments the list is kind of like this:
    Rosalind Eloise or
    Eulalie Sylvia Morten
    Eulalie Flora Morten (abelle made the earlier point that our surname could make this too rhymey. She might be right I think!)
    Eulalie Fern Morten (this one is growing on me again abelle)
    Eulalie Camilla Morten
    Eulalie Dora Morten
    Eulalie Faith Morten (a new addition)

    No shorter I know, but I definitely like all these.
    Thank you for your patience. I know I am finicky!

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