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    Most of the middle names I've chosen would probably be considered filler names, but they're all family

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    Total wasted opportunity. Why use Marie if you could use Marigold? Why use Grace when there's Guinevere, Genevieve, and Graziella?
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    I have a filler middle name. Lynn. I don't mind having it but it is very boring.
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    Even if a middle name is common, I don't think of it as a filler unless the parents put zero thought into it. My daughter has what many consider a filler name, but I certainly didn't choose it just to have something to fill out the spot on the birth certificate. I wasn't even aware it was widely used. I don't think you should feel like you absolutely must hunt down something really unusual and unique.

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    I think if you love Faith or Rose or May or whatever, who cares if people think of them as 'filler'. I love Rose as a middle and will probably use it for one of my daughters in the future. I don't really care if someone else thinks I just used it because I couldn't think of anything else. If you love it, use it.

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