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    This or That (girls) and why?

    Like a normal this or that, except you need to also add why you chose what you did. It can be short.

    Ex: Eleanor or Pam?

    Pam seems like it should be short for something.
    Eleanor or Marie

    and so on...

    Olivia or Penelope?
    ~Emmeline Jade Bentley~

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    Re: This or That (girls) and why?

    Penelope, Olivia is too popular.

    Penelope or Evangeline?
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    Re: This or That (girls) and why?

    Evangaline. ~ I like Penelope, but I think Evangeline is just that much softer and more feminine which I like. ~> Evangeline or Cordelia?
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    Re: This or That (girls) and why?

    Cordelia - It's a family name.

    Cordelia or Natalie?

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    Re: This or That (girls) and why?

    Cordelia, because it's pretty and classy. I've never liked Natalie. It's too common for my taste.

    Cordelia or Elise

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