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    Re: Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    Hi, sorry it took so long to reply! Thank you again for your responses! Icey100names, if I didn't love Sylvia so much, I would be so tempted with Rosalie! It's so gorgeous! We have had Emily and Evelyn on our list - I love them too (we have similar taste!) but I had not thought of Hazel - I like that too!

    Rollo, thankyou so much for your thoughtful list. I love Charles (with nickname Charley!), but I don't personally like the flow of Charles Clements, and I prefer not to use a nickname (Charley) as a full name - I like the option of a full name and a nickname. Really liked Jonathon, Jared, Sebastian on your list (as a teacher, have got some names ruled out!!!)

    So, peoples, here is a list of possibilities for a first name:
    A brother for Abigail (Abi) and Isabel (Issy) called...

    Alexander (Al)
    Owen (what is a nickname for this name, any suggestions?)
    Daniel (Dan, Danny)
    Joseph (Joe)
    Matthew (Matt)
    Vincent (don't like Vinny, and Vince Clements doesn't sound good to me! so unsure about this name)
    Caleb (Cal, Cale)
    and a name my husband would probably never go for, but I think is great: Lysander (nicknames?!)

    So I would welcome any suggestions, comments, and additions! Still waiting to find a name that makes me go "ah yes, of course that it who you are!" when talking to my belly! (21 weeks now! Yay!)
    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    I love Caleb with Abigail and Isabel! It shares the L and B while still sounding distinct. Especially with nn's (Abi, Issy and Cal/e), the names are all lovely and strong individually and together.

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    Re: Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    Hi, sorry about the delay. Thanks Gwensmon for you thoughtful comments! I do like Caleb with Abigail and Isabel! but, I guess I'm still waiting for the "aha!"moment.

    Other names on my lst I forgot to put on before for collective commentry:
    Ewan (no nickname? and I do so love a name you can nickname!)
    Leo (also no nickname, but I love it. However, my name is Leah, so is it too similar to my name? My husband's dad is Leonard (Len), so he could be a Leonard (Leo)??)
    Theodore (Theo - apparently this is popular, but I've never met a Theo yet)
    Jared (nickname?)
    Sebastian (Seb)
    and very oldfashioned, not sure my husband would go for it, but I love it: Albert! (Al, Albie, Bert, Bertie)

    So all comments and further suggetions gratefully received! Actually, it is fun hunting names, especially with company!

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    Re: Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    I like the idea of Leonard being shortened to Leo. Leo is a great name but a little short to be a full name in my opinion. I have yet to meet a Theodore or Theo as well.

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