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    Post Just Names; pick From FN & MN list for each name you're asked to create!

    Surname: Deerfield, Walton, Waverly

    Husband: FN: Hudson, Francis, Rowan, MN: Joshua, Chandler, Jason

    Wife: Ellen, Victoria, Francine, MN: Abby, Zara, Olwyn

    First Son: FN: Jarek (pron. Yarek), Yosef, Brock, MN: Cyril, Eric, Frederic

    2nd Son: FN: Wilfred, Alexavier, Judson, MN: Israel, Josiah, Donny

    First Daughter: FN: Jennie, Evie, Sarah MN: Roberta, Fayth, Bronte

    3rd Son: FN: Caden, Aleric, Bertie, MN: Vinnie/Vinny, Kaleb/Caleb, Osric

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    Surname: Waverly

    Husband FN: Joshua

    Wife: Victoria

    First Son: Cyril

    Second Son: Josiah

    First Daughter Bronte

    Third Son: Vinny

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Cair Paravel :)
    LN: Waverly
    DH: Hudson Joshua
    DW: Ellen Zara "Ella"
    DS: Jarek Cyril
    DS: Alexavier Josiah "Xav"
    DD: Sarah Bronte
    DS: Aleric Caleb "Caleb"

    Hudson and Ella Waverly, and their children, Jarek, Xav, Sarah, and Caleb.
    twenty-something namenerd & aspiring novelist

    Isabelle § Arianne § Olivia § Violet § Grace § Emmeline § Charlotte § Eva § Catherine § Eleni § Zoe
    Caleb § Everett § Grant § Casper § Samuel § Jack § Avery § Rory § Declan § Zane § Schuyler

    I've recently started a new story--feel free to come along with me for the journey!
    Chapter 1 is up!

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    Surname: Deerfield

    Husband: Rowan Joshua

    Wife: Ellen Zara

    First Son: Brock Cyril

    2nd Son: Judson Josiah

    First Daughter: Sarah Bronte

    3rd Son: Aleric Caleb

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