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    Your Children: Sara Linda Keen
    Katelyn Genevieve Keen “Katie”
    Joshua Daniel Keen “Josh”
    Aaron William Keen

    Mother One: Tina Violet Williams
    Camille Luna Williams “Cammie”

    Mother Two: Laura Marie Rivera
    Teresa Laura Rivera “Resse”
    Joseph Robert Rivera, Jr. “Joey”

    Mother Three: Norma Victoria Payne
    Avery Grace Payne
    Mason Adam Payne

    Mother Four: Sharon Pamela Thomas
    Bryce Christian Thomas
    Paige Charlotte Thomas

    Mother Five: Diana Jane Engles
    Emily Rose Engles
    David James Engles
    Thomas Peter Engles
    Anna Faith Engles

    Mother Six: Celia Rachel Bird
    Jasper Theodore Bird
    Isabella Madeline Bird “Bella”

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