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Thread: One of each!!

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    One of each!!

    Announcing the arrival of Rose Elizabeth and Peter Benjamin! With enormous thanks to Sharon and Dolly the amazing midwives who stuck up for my wish to have my babies at home! And of course thanks to everyone on here who chipped in with ideas and opinions!

    Best wishes to you all!
    Elizabeth, John, Timothy, Rose and Peter

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    Re: One of each!!

    Congrats on your wonderfully named duo, Rose Elizabeth and Peter Benjamin. They're beautiful names. I'm glad everyone is well! A home birth, wow is all I can say! All the best!
    All the best,

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    Re: One of each!!

    Congratulations! What a wonderfully named family you have! I adore Peter, but I never got the chance to use it (only girls for me)

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    Re: One of each!!

    Yay! DOUBLE ? Congratulations Clendons! I think your choices are beautiful and classic - can't go wrong! All the best, enjoy EVERY SECOND! They grow so fast!
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    Re: One of each!!

    Oh, wonderful! I was so excited to read your announcement - congratulations on the birth of Rose Elizabeth and Peter Benjamin! I love their names!
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