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Thread: Play Group!

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    Re: Play Group!

    Picture 1:
    Ian Lucas Cummings *Brother to Sean
    Sean Andrew Cummings *Brother to Ian
    Mother: Laura Madeline Cummings

    Picture 2:
    Joshua Bradley Stevens “Josh”
    Mother: Theresa Wallace Stevens

    Picture 3:
    Christopher Gray Lawson * Brother to Stephanie
    Mother: Sonia Kaitlyn Lawson

    Picture 4:
    Evan Skyler Kennedy
    Mother: Michelle Trinity Bryan “Ella”

    Picture 5:
    Harry Sawyer Snyder * Twin Brother to James
    James Beckett Snyder *Twin Brother to Harry
    Mother: Jessica Carla Snyder *Sister to Amanda

    Todd Nelson Mathis
    Mother: Amanda Christina Mathis * Sister to Jessica

    Picture 6:
    William Dawson Barnes “Liam” * Brother to Grace
    Mother: Juliana Lily Barnes

    Picture 7:
    Carson Reese Jennings
    Mother: Trista Paulina Jennings

    Picture 1:
    Stephanie Blair Lawson * Sister to Christopher
    Mother: Sonia Kaitlyn Lawson

    Picture 2:
    Isabella Kristen Perez “Izzy”
    Mother: Carissa Renee Perez

    Picture 3:
    Grace Delaney Barnes * Sister to William
    Mother: Juliana Lily Barnes

    Picture 4:
    Cassidy Emily Washington “Cassie” * Step-Sister to Roselyn
    Roselyn Malia Aguilar *Step-Sister to Cassie
    Mother: Felicia Tiffany Aguilar-Washington

    Picture 5:
    Megan Victoria Barton *Sister to Lauren & Alison
    Lauren Elizabeth Barton *Sister to Megan & Alison
    Alison Catherine Barton *Sister to Megan & Lauren
    Mother: Emily Josephine Barton

    Picture 6:
    Delilah Stella Walker *Sister to Scarlett
    Mother: Melissa Newman Walker

    Picture 7:
    Scarlett Ava Walker *Sister to Delilah
    Mother: Melissa Newman Walker

    Picture 8:
    Ryleigh Aaliyah Parsons
    Mother: Brittney Joelle Parsons

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    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    Dillon Carter (18 mos) & Jackson Flynn (3(twin to Kenzie) - Brothers to Ava, Kenzie, and Sophia

    Tristan Parker (23 mos) - Brother to Taylor

    Aiden Samuel (5) - Brother to Kamden & Maddi

    Logan William (2)

    Joshua *Josh* Pierce (2 1/2) Hank Jaxson (2) James Christopher (2 1/2) - James and Josh are twins

    Landon Cole (16 mos) - Brother to Lila

    Kamden Lee (4 mos(twin to Maddi) - Brother to Aiden


    Keira Brooklyn (7) - Sister to Jala

    Taylor Bryn (4) - Sister to Tristan

    Lila Paige (4) - Sister to Landon

    Tallulah *Lulu* McKinley (4) & Paisley Isabella (4)

    Ava Cate (2) Kenzie Nicole (3(twin to Jackson) Sophia Hope (5) - Sisters to Dillon & Jackson

    Maddisen *Maddi* Alexis (4 mos(twin to Kamden) - Sister to Aiden

    Jala Renay (3) - Sister to Keira

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