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Thread: Name after. . .

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    Some sets are f/f, others m/m, still others mixed.

    {7 letters} - Aurelia & Aisling
    {a place} - Brasilia & Berlin
    {a colour} - Crimson & Cerulean
    {a flower} - Delphinia & Daisy
    {trendy} - Everett & Eleanor
    {hispanic name} - Felicia & Fabian
    {Biblical} - Gabriel & Galilee
    {mountain} - Hekla & Halla
    {country} - Israel & Ireland
    {a month} - January, June & July
    {angel} - Kushiel
    {a car} - Lexus & Lincoln
    {actor} - Meryl & Misha
    {song} - Natalie & Nikita
    {5 letters} - Olive & Ocean
    {musician} - Pyotr
    {old-fashioned} - Quincy & Quigley
    {nature} - River & Reed
    {summer} - Summer & Sky
    {city} - Tallinn, Tacoma & Taipei
    {Greek name} - Ursula & Urian
    {place} - Verona, Valencia & Venice
    {food/drink} - Watercress
    {unique} Xanthia & Xavier
    {Chinese name} - Yue & Yul
    {one-syllable} - Zel & Zach
    Amedeo Enjolras Aristotle Leonardo Archer Olivier Mischa Liam Caspian Benedict Theodore Fitzwilliam
    Rosalie Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Alice Elisabeth Stella Titania Artemis Cicely Margarethe Thalia Astrid

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    William, James, Thomas, Isaac, Elias, Oisin, Henry, Nolan, Ronan, Orson, Ephraim, Arthur, Robert, Finn, Jude, Kieran, Maxwell, Kellan, Leander, Josiah, Edmund, Gideon, Samuel, Oscar, Vincent

    Alice, Orla, Eleanor, Celia, Audrey, Genevieve, Honora, Cordelia, Ivy, Marigold, Sybil, Anna, Moira, Susanna, Veronica, Harriet, Aria, Vivienne, Edith, Helena, Charlotte, Isla, Magdalena, Rosalind, Violet

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    A- Adeline (7 letters)
    B- Brooklyn (a place)
    C- Cerise (a colour)
    D- Dahlia (a flower)
    E- Everly (trendy)
    F- Fernando (hispanic name)
    G- Gabriel (Biblical)
    H- Himalaya (after a mountain)
    I- India (a country)
    J- June (a month)
    K- Kemiel (name after an angel)
    L- Lincoln (name after a car)
    M- Mischa (an actors first name)
    N- Natalie (song related name)
    O- Oscar (5 letters)
    P- Prince (musicians name)
    Q- Quincy (older fashioned name)
    R- Rain (Nature)
    S- Summer (Summer theme)
    T- Trenton (city name)
    U- Ursa (greek name)
    V- Vienna (after a place)
    W- Waldorf (after food or drink)
    X- Xanthe (very unique name)
    Y- Yu (Chinese name)
    Z- Zeke (1 syllable)

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    A- Arianna (7 letters)
    B- Bristol (a place)
    C- Cobalt (a color)
    D- Daffodil (a flower)
    E- Emmaleigh (trendy)
    F- Fernanda (hispanic name)
    G- Gideon (Biblical)
    H- Himalaya (after a mountain)
    I- India (a country)
    J- January (a month)
    K- Kushiel (name after an angel)
    L- Lamborghini xD (name after a car)
    M- Mila (an actors first name)
    N- Nona (song related name)
    O- Olive (5 letters)
    P- Presley (musicians name)
    Q- Quincy (older fashioned name)
    R- Reid (Nature)
    S- Summer xP (Summer theme)
    T- Trenton (city name)
    U- Urania (greek name)
    V- Vegas (after a place)
    W- Water xD (after food or drink)
    X- Xenon (very unique name)
    Y- Yumiko (Chinese name)
    Z- Zen (1 syllable)

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    A- Abigail
    B- Bronx
    C- Crimson
    D- Daisy
    E- Ethan
    F- Fernando
    G- Gideon
    H- Helena
    I- Israel
    J- July
    K- Kemuel
    L- Lincoln
    M- Michael
    N- Noelle
    O- Orson
    P- Paul
    Q- Quinn
    R- Raine
    S- Sunshine
    T- Tyler
    U- Ursa
    V- Vienna
    W- Walnut
    X- Xodus
    Y- Yao
    Z- Zen

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