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    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Ms. Phelps

    JAC- Jacelyn Alee Calden "Jace"
    ASE- Adrielle Stephania Echols
    ROL- Rae Olivia Llewellyn
    LAH (twin)- Lilia-Ariel Hafler
    LAH (twin)- Lara-Ashley Hafler
    EJW- Emmeline Julianne Webster
    WLK- Wynter Lee Kane "Wynnie"
    DFN- Darika Faiabel Nellie
    HJT- Huntra Jayde Tellison
    MLG- Melrose Lyra Gunderway
    VGS- Valentina Ginnifer Sarasota

    ZAS- Zaire Aimh Sampson
    XEP- Xavier Elyot Payson
    OLB- Owen Luis Benjamin
    NKD- Nikolai Kaine Delles
    BNLJ- Baxter Noah Lester Jones
    KWL- Kyler Winston Lamb
    LAM- Laedyn Astyr Mancuso
    ECC- Everett Cyd Cameron
    TPSM- Timothy Parson Stevenson-Mitchell
    RJF- Ryker Jensen Fairchild
    NBJI- Nolan Blaise Jared Isabel
    GAO- Garren Aiken Oliver
    SDE- Stephyn Dare Edison
    Favorite Names:
    Girls- Stephanie Cynthia, Veronica Audrey, Sadie Florence, Emerson Rose, Hadley Kate, & Auden Sage
    Boys- Jack Anthony, Dane William, & Dashiell Gray

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