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Thread: Triplets x 4 :)

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    Nov 2013

    Triplets x 4 :)

    This game is really easy and has just three rules:
    1) only use each name once,
    2) the first names in each set must have a theme, no matter how obvious it is (you can use the ones in mine as theme examples if you want) and
    3) your pets' names must each link to a theme.

    The LAST NAME Family
    DW & DH

    A) B B B
    B) B B G
    C) B G G
    D) G G G


    __________________________________________________ ____________
    My results:
    The Pendragon Family
    Lily Alice & Damon Lucas

    A) Dean Fabian, Mason Sirius & Christian Evander (16)
    - names that remind me of my grandparents[B]
    B) Jasper Tobias, Remus Theodore & Rosalie Isabella (13)
    - names of some of my favourite characters from books
    C) Dimitri Edmund, Arianwen Hermione & Vasilisa Marzia (7)
    - non-English names (Welsh, Russian, Russian)[B]
    D) Juliette Felicity, Ophelia Verity & Imogen Miranda (5)
    - names of Shakespearean characters

    Dog: Petra (A)
    Cat: Tybalt (D)
    Rabbit: Fleur (C)
    Horse: Alaska (B)
    Lily Alice

    Arabella Verity | Clara Emanuelle | Electra Liesel | Flora Severine
    Benedict Peter | Dimitri Jasper | Dominic Christian | Gabriel Floyd
    Ginevra Mallory | Juliette Ophelia | Lavinia Felicity | Rosalie Vasilisa
    Henry Fox | Oscar Nathaniel | Spencer Lucas | Theodore James

    All of the Ladies and All of the Gentlemen

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    Apr 2010
    Rhode Island
    DH: Christopher Dean Wesley.
    DW: Ella Violet Wesley (Gilbert).

    DS/DS/DS: Sirius Tobias Wesley, Remus Severus Wesley, & Albus Septimus Wesley (S Names).
    DS/DS/DD: Harry James Wesley, Ronald Bilius Wesley, & Hermione Jean Wesley (HP Names).
    DS/DD/DD: Anthony George Wesley, Rebecca Paige Wesley, & Laura Michelle Wesley (Family Names).
    DD/DD/DD: Lily Sage Wesley, Rose Aspen Wesley, & Daisy Brook Wesley (Nature Names).

    - Silas (American Staffordshire Terrier) (S Names).

    - Luna (Asian Semi-Longhair) (HP Names).

    - Angel (Belgian Hare) (Family Names).

    - Cedar (Czech Warmblood) (Nature Names).

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    Nov 2010
    British Columbia
    A) Theodore Ronan "Teddy", Nathaniel Archer "Nate", and Matthias Gabriel "Matt" (same meaning)
    B) Edward Everett "Ned", Dorothy Margaret "Dolly" and Julian Frederick "Jude" (English names)
    C) August Jack "Gus", Juniper Adelaide "June" and Mabel Rosalind "Mae" (month related names)
    D) Imogen Georgia "Minnie", Delaney Charlotte "Laney" and Winifred Helena "Winnie" (all names from different places in the UK)

    Dog: Aubrey (B)
    Cat: Finley (D)
    Rabbit: April (C)
    Horse: Tanaquil "Keel" (A)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    West Midlands, UK
    The Hildegarde Family...

    W: Bridget Caroline
    H: Lukas Mark

    S1/S2/S3: Devon Isaac & Phoenix Edmund & Sydney Caleb [first names = place names.]
    S4/S5/D1: Sebastian Beckett & Alexander Tennyson & Margot Kimberly [first names = have 1 syllable nicknames.]
    S6/D2/D3: Henry Tobias & Vivienne Willow & Mary Eleanor [first names = for grandparents.]
    D4/D5/D6: Alexandra Nicki & Arianna Clara & Adelaide Barbara [first names = begin with A.]

    "Bridget (41) and Luke (41) with: Devon & Phoenix & Sydney (17), Seb & Lex & Meg (11), Henry & Vivi & May (6), Allie & Annie & Addie (18mo)."
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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    Northern Europe
    The Donovan family
    Evangeline Marie & Alexander Hugh

    A) Riley Joshua, Dakota James & Storm Joseph
    - unisex first names and "J" middle names

    B) Phoenix Mikhail, Talon Casimir & Raven Alyona
    - bird first names and russian middle names

    C) Orion Gray, Athena Rose & Selene Violet
    - greek mythology first names and color middle names

    D) Clover Jade, Delphine Garnet & Iris Emerald
    - flower first names and jewel middle names

    Evie & Alex with: Riley, Dakota, Storm, Phoenix, Talon, Raven, Orion, Athena, Selene, Clover, Delphine & Iris

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