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Thread: BNG- Fun :)

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    the hunter family
    robert david & tara nicole
    lydia rebekah
    naomi lilliana
    alexander lucas
    freya gabriella
    gavin seth

    rob & tara hunter ; lydia, naomi, alex, freya and gavin .


    the wilkinson family
    christopher jason & rose brooke
    nicholas maxwell
    joshua zane
    tabitha willow

    chris & rose wilkinson ; nick, josh and tabitha .


    the dehan family
    alan carlos & anna michelle
    daniel layne
    asher dylan
    claira joy
    vivien charlotte

    alan & anna dehan ; dan, ash, claira and vivien .


    the mcarthur family
    albert phillip & melissa elizabeth
    josephine lee
    river hudson
    gabriel jonah
    archer dominic

    alby & melissa mcarthur ; josie, river, gabe and archie .

    cassia | vivian | flora
    peregrine | jolyon | arthur

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    The Hunter Family

    DH: {41} Matthew David Hunter "Matt"
    DW: {40} Angela Nicole {Kirkland} Hunter "Angie"

    DD: {13} Sarah Jessica Hunter
    DD: {11} Ava Naomi Hunter
    DS: {9} Alexander Lucas Hunter "Alex"
    DD: {6} Olivia Kaitlyn Hunter "Liv"
    DS: {6} Seth Fabian Hunter

    * * *

    The Wilkinson Family

    DH: {35} Christopher Shane Wilkinson "Chris"
    DW: {36} Kimberly Rose {Lavigne} Wilkinson "Kim"

    DS: {9} Maxwell Nicholas Wilkinson "Max"
    DS: {7} Joshua Landon Wilkinson "Josh"
    DD: {5} Tabitha Willow Wilkinson

    * * *

    The Dehan Family

    DH: {38} Trevor Alan Dehan
    DW: {35} Lauren Michelle {Berta} Dehan

    DS: {6} Daniel Konnor Dehan "Dan"
    DS: {4} Taylor Logan Dehan
    DD: {3} Hope McKinnon Dehan
    DD: {15m} Liza Charlotte Dehan

    * * *

    The McArthur Family

    DH: Michael Phillip McArthur "Mike"
    DW: Elizabeth Dawn {Charters} McArthur "Ellie"

    DD: {8} Josephine Lee McArthur "Josie"
    DS: {5} Hudson Romeo McArthur
    DS: {3} Gabriel Jonah McArthur "Gabe"
    DS: {nb} Tatum Doninic McArthur
    "That was the thing about best friends.
    Like sisters and mothers, they could piss you off
    and make you cry and break your heart, but in the end, when the chips were down,
    they were there, making you laugh even in your darkest hours."
    Firefly Lane, Kristin Hannah

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    Ohio USA
    DH: Matthew Robert Kirkland
    DW: Angela Nicole Kirkland
    DD1 [13]: Rebekah Makenzie Kirkland
    DD2 [11]: Isobella Peyton Kirkland
    DS1 [9]: Jakob Alexander Kirkland
    DD3 [6]: Gabriella Kaitlyn Kirkland
    DS2 [6]: Nathaniel Gavin Kirkland
    DH: Christopher Aaron Wilkinson
    DW: Stephanie Rose Wilkinson
    DS1 [9]: Nicholas Ryder Wilkinson
    DS2 [7]: , Landon Joshua Wilkinson
    DD [5]: Rachel Emilie Wilkinson
    DH: Jon Trevor Peever
    DW: Lauren Michelle Peever
    DS [6]: Daniel Aardyn Peever
    DS2 [4]: Dylan Blair Peever
    DD1 [3]: Hannah Joy Peever
    DD2 [15m]: Charlotte Abbigale Peever
    DH: Phillip Michael Charters
    DW: Amanda Dawn Charters
    DD [8]: Presley Josephine Charters
    DS [5]:Hudson Skye Charters
    DS2 [3]: Gabriel Kole Charters
    DS3 [NB]: Steven Dominic Charters

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Family One : Lastname- Kirkland
    DH: Matthew David
    DW: Linda Nicole
    DD1 [13]: Jessica Annie
    DD2 [11]: Ava Zoey
    DS1 [9]: Noah Alexander
    DD3 [6]: Gabriella Olivia
    DS2 [6]: Seth Nathaniel
    Family Two: Lastname- Matthews
    DH: Christopher Shane
    DW: Lucy Rose
    DS1 [9]: Ty Maxwell
    DS2 [7]: Joshua Zane
    DD [5]: Tabitha Molly
    Family Three: Lastname- Peever
    DH: Ronald Alan
    DW: Anna Michelle
    DS [6]: Daniel Layne
    DS2 [4]: Logan Blair
    DD1 [3]: Clara Hope
    DD2 [15m]: Vivien Charlotte
    Family Four: Lastname- Castles
    DH: Jack Albert
    DW: Elizabeth Amanda
    DD [8]: Josephine Ever
    DS [5]: Kaidon River
    DS2 [3]:Gabriel Xavier
    DS3 [NB]: Dominic Archer
    Bonnie Clementine, Frances Matilda & Olive Hermione
    Boys Under Construction

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    Jarred Robert & Tara Nicole

    DD1 [13]: Annie Sarah
    DD2 [11]: Ava Naomi
    DS1 [9]: Noah Alexander
    DD3 [6]: Gabriella Olivia
    DS2 [6]: Seth Nataniel
    Shane Aaron & Brooke Meagan

    DS1 [9]: Ty Nolan
    DS2 [7]: Landon Vance
    DD [5]: Rachel Willow
    Trevor Jon & Anna Lauren

    DS [6]: Daniel Layne
    DS2 [4]: Asher Blair
    DD1 [3]: Hannah Hope
    DD2 [15m]: Liza Charlotte
    Mitchel Phillip & Elizabeth Dawn

    DD [8]: Ever Joesphine
    DS [5]: River Winter
    DS2 [3]: Time Xavier
    DS3 [NB]: Tatum Archer

    Fox * Shea * Jade * Azure * Eden * Greer * Blaise
    Lotus * Tallulah * Noor * Jasper * Linden * Arden

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