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Thread: 1950s Caf

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    Jan 2015

    1950s Caf

    Isaac Carl Roger + Alice Astrid Maria + Alvin Carl Isidor
    auntie to Milia Therese & Colin Per Mikael

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    Jan 2015
    Isaac Carl Roger + Alice Astrid Maria + Alvin Carl Isidor
    auntie to Milia Therese & Colin Per Mikael

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    Aug 2014
    Girls: Autumn | Delilah | Elodie | Greta | Hazel | India | Jessamy | Magdalena | Nora | Ramona | Sabine

    Boys: Bellamy | Bruno | Caspar | Jude | Kennedy | Kitt | Ludo | Samuel | Stellan | William | Xavier

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    Current favourites:
    Cordelia, Debora, Florence, Irene, Joan, Margaret, Mary, Philippa, Tabitha
    Alistair, Angus, Arthur, Chester, Edmund, James, Michael, Walter, Winston

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    DH: David Dennis Paulet.
    DW: Wanda Jean Paulet (Dyce).
    - DD: Sheila Darlene Paulet.
    - DD: Jacqueline Phyllis Paulet.
    - DD/DD: Valerie Elaine Paulet & Laurie Michelle Paulet.
    - DS: Raymond Bruce Paulet.
    - DS: Alan Gerald Paulet.
    - DS: Craig Walter Paulet.
    - DD: Angela Sylvia Paulet.
    - DD: Evelyn Jeanne Paulet.
    - DS: Curtis Rodney Paulet.
    - DD: Yvonne Beth Paulet.


    DH: Ezra Joseph de' Medici.
    DW: Sheila Darlene de' Medici.
    - DD: Olivia Bethany de' Medici.
    - DD: Amelia Summer de' Medici.
    - DD: Charlotte Anne de' Medici.
    - DD: Isabella Autumn de' Medici.

    DH: Vincent Atticus Laurenson.
    DW: Jacqueline Phyllis Laurenson.
    - DS: Asher Thomas Laurenson.
    - DS: Declan Michael Laurenson.

    DH: Oliver Edward Babington.
    DW: Valerie Elaine Babington (Paulet).
    - DD: Ava Scarlett Babington.
    - DD: Isla June Babington.
    - DS: Milo Timothy Babington.
    - DS: Levi Daniel Babington.
    - DD: Mia Lucille Babington.

    DH: Silas John Collings.
    DW: Laurie Michelle Collings (Paulet).
    - DD: Aria Elizabeth Collings.
    - DD: Aurora Louise Collings.
    - DD: Arabella Rose Collings.

    DH: Raymond Bruce Paulet.
    DW: Adeline Marie Paulet (Ashley).
    - DD: Khaleesi Eleanor Paulet.

    DH: Alan Gerald Paulet.
    DW: Penelope Alice Paulet (Scott).
    - DS: Jasper William Paulet.
    - DS: Sebastian Jack Paulet.
    - DS: Devlin Henry Paulet.
    - DS: Oscar Gregory Paulet.

    DH: Craig Walter Paulet.
    DW: Cora Sage Paulet (Jeffrey).
    - DS: Leo Jameson Paulet.
    - DD: Emma Grace Paulet.

    DH: Wyatt Joseph de Simier.
    DW: Angela Sylvia de Simier (Paulet).
    - DS: Elijah Logan de Simier.
    - DS: Eric Theodore de Simier.
    - DD: Violet Isabelle de Simer.
    - DS: Ethan Marcus de Simier.
    - DS: Eli Graham de Simier.

    DH: Caleb Victor Gifford.
    DW: Evelyn Jeanne Gifford (Paulet).
    - DD: Luna Beatrice Gifford.
    - DD: Hazel Paige Gifford.
    - DS: Jacob Lucas Gifford.

    DH: Curtis Rodney Paulet.
    DW: Genevieve Alice Paulet (Holley)
    - DS: Bodhi Leonard Paulet.

    DH: Benjamin Louis Nettheim.
    DW: Yvonne Beth Nettheim (Paulet).
    - DD: Claire Elisabeth Nettheim.
    - DS: Liam Nathaniel Nettheim.

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