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    Quintuplet Boys!

    This is a game I stole from another post about girls!

    The rule is that you take the five names from the person above you and change each one in one way. You get to keep one name exactly how it is. You will swap one name out (reverse the first and middle). For a third name you keep the first name and give him a new middle. For a fourth you keep the middle and give him a new first name. And for the fifth name you keep the initials.

    You do not have to do them in the above order. For example, you don't have to keep the first name on the list above yours. You could keep the third name. Just pick any one to do it to! Hopefully you can see what I mean!!

    Matthias Stephen
    Gideon Malachi
    Joel Nathanael
    Simon Phineas
    Levi Benjamin

    So Keep, Swap, Change FN, Change MN, and Initials!!

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    Jul 2012
    Ezekiel Stephen (FN)
    Gideon Asher (MN)
    Jude Nicholas (initials)
    Simon Phineas (keep)
    Benjamin Levi (swap)

    So Keep, Swap, Change FN, Change MN, and Initials!!

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    Slytherin Common Room
    Jude Nicholas - Keep
    Levi Benjamin - Swap
    Eric Asher - Change FN
    Ezekiel James - Change MN
    Sawyer Patrick - Initials

    So Keep, Swap, Change FN, Change MN, and Initials.
    Laurel - 2O - Aries - Slytherin - University of Toronto

    Newest thoughts for little ones: Angelo - Caspian - Eden | Isabela - Brisa - Gisele

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    Mar 2011
    American Midwest
    Jude Nicholas (Kept)
    Patrick Sawyer (Swapped)
    Ezekiel Orion (Changed MN)
    Holden Asher (Changed FN)
    Lachlan Blaise (Initials)
    Current Top 10s

    Silas~Cyrus~Jasper~Gideon~Callum (Cal)
    Dexter (Dex)~Leander (Leo)~Everett~August (Gus)~Abraham (Abram)

    Selah~Willa~Scarlett (Lettie)~Rosemary (Romy)~Coretta (Cora)
    Maisy~Cecelia~Calista (Calla)~Hattie~Celia

    (formerly chrbaker)

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    Jun 2010
    Nicholas Jude (Swapped)
    Jonathan Sawyer (Changed FN)
    Ezekiel Anderson (Changed MN)
    Holden Asher (Kept)
    Levi Bennet (Initials)

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