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    Jul 2012
    Ontario, Canada
    Scarlett Amelia (changed FN)
    Olive Eithne (changed MN)
    Miranda Beatrice (initials)
    Eleanor Ivy (swapped)
    Letitia Caroline (kept)
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Portia, Victoria, Diana, Felicity, Juliet, Scarlett
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Prospero, Orlando, Darcy... don't love many boys' names!

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    Apr 2010
    United States
    Georgia Hope (kept)
    Noelle Michaela (swapped)
    Annie Celeste (changed MN)
    Meredith Claire (changed FN)
    Lucy Annabelle (initials)

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    Jun 2012
    Georgia Melanie (changed MN)
    Carsyn Michaela (changed FN)
    Alessandra Cecily (initials)
    Meredith Claire (kept)
    Annabelle Lucy (swapped)
    I don't have or want any kids. I just love names!

    Top 10: Andrea, Chelsea, Tara, Brooke, Alexandra, Nathaniel, Cody, Grant, Alexander, Graham

    I also love Russian and Irish names, as well as the names of many cities and countries.

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    Talking Quint Game

    Georgia Brienna (changed MN)
    Michaela Carsyn (swapped)
    Averie Cate (initials)
    Brynlie Claire (changed FN)
    Annabelle Lucy (kept)

    Right now loving:
    Kalli Brienna, Brynlie Erin, Averie Lynn, Layla Grace
    Bennett Grenardo (father in law name), Brenton Logan, Gavyn Dean

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    Jul 2011
    Georgia Brienna (kept)
    Claire Brynlie (swapped)
    Bianca Lucy (changed fn)
    Michaela Petal (changed mn)
    Addison Cate (initials)

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