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    The Holiday Family NAMEBANK

    Roll for number of family members (including parents; so minus two for number of children!)
    And again for genders (Odd:Girl/Even:Boy)

    Now roll a birthday month for each family member, then pick names from the matching namebank with a corresponding holiday/season theme!

    1: January (Winter): Albus, Burr, Coco, Colden, Elsa, Frost, Icelyn, January, Snow, Snowden, White, Winter
    2: February (Valentines): Adore, February, Hart, Lily, Lovella, Red, Roman, Rose, Teddy, Valentina, Valentine, Valentino
    3-4: March-April (Easter): April, Bunny, Easter, March, Nevaeh, Nouvel, Ova, Pascal, Pastelle, Rabbit, Springer, Sunday
    5: May (Spring): Bloom, Bud, Clover, Daisy, Fleur, Green, Leif, May, Meadow, Newland, Spring, Verdi
    6-8: June/July/August (Summer): August, Breeze, July, June, Ocean, Ray, Skye, Sommer, Storm, Summer, Sunny, Tanner
    9: September (Autumn): Apple, Ash, Auburn, Autumn, Blaze, Forest, Goldie, Hazel, Leif, Maple, Oak, September
    10: October (Halloween): Blair, Candy, Casper, Cat, Eve, Harlow, Jack, October, Pumpkin, Storm, Treat, Trixie
    11: November (Thanksgiving): America, Blessing, Farmer, Friend, Gratitude, Hunter, Indian, Maize, Mayflower, November, Pilgrim, River
    12: December (Christmas): Belle, Carol, Christian, Claus, December, Eve, Gabriel, Holly, Nicholas, Noel, North, Rudolph

    LN: (Your Choice)
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    LN: Holiday
    DH: Springer Pascal
    DW: Fleur May
    DD: July Ocean
    DD: Eve December
    DS: Snow Colden
    DD: Belle North
    DS: Roman Teddy
    DS: Tanner August

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    16 year old baby name lover who goes by Johanna Brooke

    Jude||Ezra||Atticus||Ryland||Jasper||Silas||Asa||T heo||Lachlan||Radley||Viggo||Rhys||Leon||Salem||Ri ver||Archer||Flynn

    Iris||Vivienne||Lilith||Delilah||Lavinia||Juniper| |Rain||Luna||Thessaly||Salome||Imogen||Ariadne||Sh iloh||Avalon||Vesper||Winter

    (><) This is Bunny. Copy Bunny to help him on his way to world domination.

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    LN- Hamilton

    DW- Eve Carol
    DH- Albus Colden
    -DS- Hunter Pilgrim
    -DD- Trixie Blair
    -DD- Nevaeh April
    -DS- Roman Valentino
    -DD- Daisy Fleur
    -DS- Tanner Ray
    -DD- Somer June
    -DD- Elsa Winter
    -DD- Holly Belle
    -DS-Blaze Auburn
    *Britberry* Dani
    ❤ B&L❤
    Love thinking up name combos

    Fave combos:Sawyer Phoenix Castiel?~Logan Elijah Mark~ Elijah Talon Jakob~ Xavier Kye (Kai) Roscoe~Spencer Devon Mitchell / Kairi Peyton Alana~ Marnie Isabeau Grace~ Wynter Amethyst- (Mysti/Thya''Thea'') Nova Madisyn~Cailyn Schuyler ❤
    GP's: Castiel. Auron (Oren) Gunner, Orion, Roman, Zeke.

    Not trying but thinking of the future..

    "All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust." -Peter Pan.

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