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    Dec 2011
    Baby Boys: Oisín Thomas Jude - Rónán Emmanuel James - Ciarán Oscar William - Cinéad Robert Fionn - Cillian Éamon Vincent

    Darling Daughters: Orla Constance Eilís - Helena Cecilia Maud "Nellie" - Honora Veronica Alice "Nora" - Gráinne Rosalind Niamh - Moira Susanna Audrey

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    New Zealand
    Family 1, The Jones's
    DW: Jessica Blakely Jones
    DH: William Benjamin Jones *Will*
    DD/DS: Charlotte Blakey and Bennet James Jones (4)

    Family 2, The Clayworth's

    DW: Katie Faith Clayworth
    DH: Isaac Oliver Clayworth
    DD: Annelise Ruby Clayworth
    DS: Samuel Jasper Clayworth

    Family 3, Lawrence's
    DW: Susan Elizabeth Lawrence
    DH: Cale Patrick Lawrence
    DD: Jessie Eliza Lawrence (7)
    DS: Vincent Rick Lawrence (4)
    DD: Payton Beth Lawrence (1)

    Family 4, The Robertson's
    DW: Jamie Hannah Robertson
    DH: Stewart Timothy Robertson
    DS: Riley George Robertson

    Family 5, The O'Gara's
    DW: May Jessa O'Gara-Parker
    DH: David Robert O'Gara
    DD: Lucinda Katherine O'Gara *Luce* (17)
    DD/DD: Fiona Robyn *Fi* and Zoe Jessica O'Gara (8)
    DD: Georgina Parker O'Gara *Georgie* (6)

    Family 6, The Garner's
    DW: Sarah Jane Garner
    DH: Brett William Garner
    DD: Chloe Anne Garner (10)
    DD: Minnie Rose Garner (7)
    DS: Jack Damien Garner (4)

    Family 7, The Lee's
    DW: Penn Lee
    DH: Michael Lee
    DD: Jordan Arabella Lee(5)
    DD: Olive Isadora Lee(3)
    DD: Lacey Caitlin Lee (1)

    Family 8, the McDonald's
    DS: Edmond Quinn McDonald *Ned* (15)
    DS: Alistair Bradley McDonald *Alec* (10)
    DS: William Remus McDonald *Liam* (8)
    DS: Christopher Aiden McDonald *Kit* (6)
    DS: James Parker McDonald *Jem* (3)
    Current Favorites:
    Helena, Anna, Gwen, Faye, Ruth, Mary, Georgina, Cordelia, June, Kristina, Elaine
    Briar, Daniel, Callum, Reed, Robert, Abel, Raphael, Edwin, Magnus, Caspian

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    Family One: Evan Daniel and Darcy Kathryn Miller; Jack Benjamin (6) and Melanie Sophia (3).
    Family Two: Eddie Michael and Cassie Louise Johnston; Aaron Malachi (5) and Aaliyah Kate (4).
    Family Three: Brian Wesley and Bridget Marie Cooper; Brilie McKenna (7), Brendan Isaac (3) and Brooke Savannah (6 months)
    Family Four: Lucas John and Martha Elizabeth Koch; Parker Eli (6)
    Family Five: David Charles and Amy Susannah Peterson; Emily Breanne (16), Lauryn Elise (10), Harper Lillian (7) and Kiley Hope (4)
    Family Six: Anthony Jacob and Jessica Lee Baker; Marlee Faith (8), Reagan Joy (6) and Emerson Levi (4)
    Family Seven: Alex Peter and Naomi Li Wang; Gemma Allison (9), Leah Mallory (4) and Hanna Louise (1)
    Family Eight: Samuel Quinn and Rebecca Lynn Carter; Andrew William (14), Brady Alexander (9), Zachary James (7), Nathaniel Robert (5) and Jackson Joshua (3)

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    Family #1: The Jenson Family
    DH: Benedict Joseph Luther Jenson (34)
    DW: Sonya Elin Jenson (33)
    DS: Lukas Anderson Jenson (5)
    DD: Kristen Sophia Jenson (3)

    Family #2: The Fredericks Family
    DH: Daniel Martin Fredericks (36)
    DW: Theresa Glory Fredericks (36)
    DS: Daniel Martin Fredericks Jr. (5)
    DD: Grace Lori Fredericks (4)

    Family #3: The Becker Family
    DH: Timothy Elijah Becker (30)
    DW: Natalie Lynn Becker (28)
    DD: Madison Sophia Becker (5)
    DS: Jacob Levi Becker (3.5)
    DD: Isabelle Grace Becker (4 mo.)

    Family #4: The Morgan-Kennedy Family
    DH: Will Jackson Kennedy (36)
    DW: Julia Sarah Morgan (37)
    DS: Owen Philip Morgan-Kennedy (6)

    Family #5: The Marziliano Family
    DH: Michael John Marziliano (40)
    DW: Nancy Jo Catherine Marziliano (38)
    DD: Becky Makayla Marziliano (17)
    DD: Jolene Angela Marziliano (8)
    DD: Piper Riley Marziliano (6)
    DD: Lucy Annabelle Marziliano (5)

    Family #6: The York Family
    DH: Peter Frederick York (45)
    DW: Amanda Elizabeth York (37)
    DS: Peter Eli York (10)
    DD: Audrey Penelope York (7)
    DS: James Frederick York (4.5)

    Family #7: The Shimamoto Family
    DH: John Shimamoto (34)
    DW: Midori Ame Shimamoto (32)
    DD: Zoe Hanako Shimamoto (5)
    DD: Chloe Tamako Shimamoto (5)
    DD: Amy Midori Shimamoto (1)

    Family #8: The Nichols Family
    DS: Ronan Seamus Nichols (15)
    DS: Declan Robert Nichols (8)
    DS: Kieran Niall Nichols (7)
    DS: Aiden Michael Nichols (5)
    DS: Flynn Liam Nichols (2.5)
    Current Favorites:

    Sophie * Margaret * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Fife * Ailsa * Aurelia * Mae
    Grant * Samuel * Everett * Andrew * Graham * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Alasdair * Jude

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