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    If/then name game

    Names are all up to you, unless otherwise stated.

    # of pregnancies:
    If your toe nails are painted, then you have 3 pregnancies. If your toe nails aren't painted, you have 4 pregnancies.

    Pregnancy #1:
    If you've eaten an apple today, then you have a girl. If you haven't, you have a boy.

    Pregnancy #2:
    If you're shorter than 5 ft, you have a boy. If you're taller than 5 ft 7, then you have a girl. If you're between 5ft and 5 ft 3, you have twin girls. If you're between 5 ft 4 and 5 ft 7, you have twin boys.
    Girls names: Old fashioned, Victorian English names. More than one middle.
    Boys names: No names can start with same letter (if there are twins, they must have completely different initials). More than one middle.

    Pregnancy #3:
    If you're currently a brunette, you have a girl. If you're current blonde, you have a boy. If you're currently a redhead, you have g/b twins. If you currently have black hair, you have b/b twins. If your hair is currently multicoloured, you have g/g twins. If your hair is one colour that is not a natural hair colour (ex. blue, pink, etc.), then you have triplets with genders of your choice.


    Pregnancy #4:
    If you are currently in school (high school, uni, whatever), then you have whatever you have less of. If you are not, then you whatever you have more of.
    Names: Not in your top names list.
    Stellan Matthias, Felix Graham, Malcolm Elias, Isaac Noel, Beckett Mattew, Charles Edmund (Charlie), Jude, James Wesley (Jamie), and Thomas Lloyd.
    Considering Archer, Christian, Peter, Orion, Samuel, Quentin, and Alasdair

    Helena Isabel, Philippa Mary (Pippa), Alice Bryony, Rosamund Lark (Rose), Caroline Eva, Freya Madeline, Beatrix Laura, and Diana.
    Considering Violet and Adelaide.

    {my listography}

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    DS (7): Charles Pierre "Charlie"
    DS/DS (4): Gabriel Stellan Luc "Gabe" / Oliver Martin John "Ollie"
    DD (nb): Clara Teresa

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    Pregnancy 1: boy
    Sebastian Ryan

    Pregnancy 2: twin boys
    Elliot Joseph Patrick
    Cameron Drew Thomas

    Pregnancy 3: boy
    Peyton Michael

    Pregnancy 4: girl
    Kiara Faith

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    Holly Emma Cole & Reymond Daniel Cole

    4 pregnancies.

    Pregnancy #1:
    DS: Henry Richard Cole

    Pregnancy #2:
    DS/DS: Simon Benjamin Thomas Cole & Charles Vincent Elijah Cole

    Pregnancy #3:
    DD: Katherine Eliza Cole

    Pregnancy #4:
    DD: Zara Rosalie Hope Cole
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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