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    Math or Science-y Names?

    Hi all! My husband is an engineer and loves all things math and science. He tends to like names that are unique, which I'm all for, but we haven't agreed on any names so far! We thought we'd decided on Oliver, but he's since decided that he doesn't like it at all I don't dislike ALL of his suggestions (Hannibal?? yeesh!), but I'd like to give him some alternate ideas.

    His requirement for names are that it be unique but not weird, strong and not starting with a "B" (our last name starts with "B" and rhymes with Kenockovich). Middle name would be Jon, William, or a combination of both.

    His favorites:

    My favorites:

    We both like:

    Current favorites: Archer * Max * Alden * Simon * Harrison
    Annabel * Celia * Mira * Genevieve * Caia

    Expecting our first little one July 2014!!

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    Re: Math or Science-y Names?

    Your choices definitely seem more along the lines of math/science concepts, rather than math/science idols, but have you discussed the math/science idol idea? I think that there are some semi-famous mathematicians, scientists, etc. who have some LOVELY names. I nanny for a little boy whose middle name is Muir, after the naturalist, and I think that's lovely. Others include:

    Ansel (Ansel Adams, the nature photographer)

    Johann (Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician and former child prodigy; or Johann Bernoulli, a Swiss mathematician)

    Euclid / Euclides (the Greek "father of geometry"... this would definitely be unique)

    Evariste (Evariste Galois, a French mathematician and another child prodigy... also a political protester who was killed in a duel, which I think is awesome, but is maybe not your thing)

    Pierre (Pierre de Fermat, a French mathematician)

    Rene (Rene Descartes, a Fenc/Dutch philosopher and scientist)

    Nicolaus (Nicolaus Copernicus, Italian priest, physician and astronomer)

    Leo (after Galileo?)

    This (Wikipedia) list of scientists, sorted by nationality, is very helpful: . It has TONS of names. On it I found the following names (only a small sampling), which, again, I think are fabulous:

    Avi (Avi Ben-Abraham)
    Arden (Arden L. Bement, Jr.)
    Harvey (Harvey Bialy)
    Stone (Amasa Stone Bishop)
    Joaquin (Joaquin Fuster)
    Julius (Julius Marmur)
    Jonas (Jonas Wenstrom and Anders Jonas Angstrom---I love this)
    Anders (Anders Celsius and Anders Jonas Angstrom)
    Elias (Elias Magnus Fries)
    Sidney (Sidney Altman)
    Selwyn (Selwyn Blaylock)
    Stewart (Stewart Blusson---also a philanthropist and helped fund genome sequencing---awesome)
    Duncan (Duncan Derry)
    Axel (Axel Firsoff)
    Alec (Alec Jeffreys)
    Arthur (Arthur James Turner)
    Caius (John Caius)

    Your family sounds wonderful and interesting and "Hannibal" made me laugh out loud. You'll find something wonderful! Simon is adorable. If you want unique, I would stay away from Orion (although it's lovely) and especially Liam, which I've heard all over the place lately (I know at least three Liams under the age of ten).

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Math or Science-y Names?

    Palindromic names strike me as pretty mathematical, but the only ones I can think of for boys are Asa and Otto. Others you might like:
    Ray (A math and science word name)

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    Re: Math or Science-y Names?

    You could definitely use the first or last name of a famous scientist or astronomer, like Edwin Hubble or Euclid. If the names are a bit much, you can always give your child a more traditional first name and use a quirky math/science name as a middle.

    You could use either the first or last name of men like this:

    Isaac Newton
    Gregor Mendel
    Charles Babbage
    Albert Einstein
    Louis Pasteur
    Joseph Lister
    Michael Faraday
    Alexander Graham Bell
    Benjamin Franklin
    Jonas Salk
    Max Born

    Names based on math/science concepts that could (maybe) be names:

    Atom (pronounced like Adam)
    Decimal (nn Deci)
    Ellipse (nn Eli)
    Radian (nn Rad)
    Algorithm (nn Al)
    Alkali (nn Al, Kal)

    There are also a lot of cool space names out there, if your husband's science tastes leaned toward the cosmic!

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    Re: Math or Science-y Names?

    My fav science name is Watson, after Watson and Crick. My maiden name is Simon, which of course I also love. If that is the one you both like, I would say go with that one! You could use one of his favs as a middle name - they seem a little more "out there" to me. Perfect for a middle name.

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