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Thread: Renaming Riley

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    Renaming Riley

    Years ago, I started writing a sci-fi novel and used the name Riley for the main character's grandfather and son. Neither Riley is in the book much - grandpa's mentioned a few times (but was a major influence on her) and the son is about a year old when the book ends, so not much in the way of character development. When I named these characters, Riley wasn't very popular and wasn't used for girls much. I still love the name, but want to change it - it just doesn't fit them now.

    I already changed another character's name due to the same issue and hers was difficult, but not nearly as hard as renaming the Rileys.

    Grandpa was a free-lance star freighter captain (aka a suspected smuggler) - a "tough old coot" whose family is the most important thing to him. The baby is a smarty-pants, independent and stubborn - kind of a "tough little coot." :lol:

    I want something mostly masculine, but could potentially be used for a girl. I would like to stay with an "R" name, but I'm not going to be too picky. And the more unusual, the better. Since I'm completely at a loss...any suggestions? Thank you!!

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    Re: Renaming Riley

    As far as R names go that can be unisex, the only one coming to mind is Ryan. Or Rowen/Rowan.

    Other names: Preston, Ezra, Colby, Cooper, Douglas, Jake, Jamie, Mason, Shane, Van.

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    Re: Renaming Riley

    Abigail, Beatrice, Jemima, Hazel, Matilda, Svea

    Isaac, James, Jasper, Julius, Sebastian, William

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    Re: Renaming Riley (please vote!)

    Due December 13, 2014 (12/13/14) It's a boy!
    Zorina, Faustine, Castalia, Vasilisa, Indrina, Calluna, Anaxandra, Hildana, Selenia, Lisandra, Satyana
    ... Alaric, Silvan, Alistair, Stellan, Rainer, Evander or Evren, Caspian, Soren, Theron, Sander, Sven

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    Re: Renaming Riley

    The only unisex R name that I could think to add is Reagan. Unisex and pretty cool if you ask me good luck

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