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    Re: Kaitlyn or Katherine?

    Another vote for Katherine, for the same reasons! It's so timeless. Unlike Kaitlyn, Katherine will never seem out of date. It'll always be as fashionable and elegant as it is today.

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    Re: Kaitlyn or Katherine?

    Katherine, without a doubt. This is a classic, enduring name that will serve your girl well. I say enduring because Kaitlyn to me is the opposite. Very tied to the 1990s/2000s. A Katherine could be any age

    Please choose Katherine! :!:
    I love you as certain dark things are loved,
    secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

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    Re: Kaitlyn or Katherine?

    Katherine - You can't go wrong. It's beautiful, classic, and ages well.


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    Re: Kaitlyn or Katherine?

    This seems a no-brainer to me. Katherine for the reason stated again and again above -- it's timeless, classic. Kaitlyn is:
    Caitlin misspelled.
    Very 1980s.

    From Caitlin-- Irish form of Catherine. Pronounced "Cotch-LEEN" in Irish or "KATE-lin" in English.

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    Re: Kaitlyn or Katherine?

    Katherine, for all the reasons stated above. When I think about names I think about what they will sound like both on a child and on an adult, and honestly I would have a hard time taking Dr. Kaitlyn or Chief Justice Kaitlyn seriously.

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