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    Daughter one is the oldest. Married to a doctor. They have 4 wonderful children, 3 boys and a little girl. Their oldest child is 7 years old, and they have no multiples.
    Daughter #1- Mary Juliet Poole - 37
    Husband- James Christopher Poole - 40
    Sawyer James Poole - 13
    Asher Everett Poole - 12
    Jasper Lincoln Poole - 8
    Hadley Juliet Poole - 4

    Daughter two is the second oldest. She is married to a welder and have 3 children, 3 little girls. Her youngest daughter is 13 months old.
    Daughter 2- Eliza Jane Cameron - 36
    husband- Zachary "Zac" Nicholas Cameron - 34
    Clare Miriam Cameron - 5
    Cecily Louise Cameron - 3
    Cora Jane Cameron - 13 mo.

    Your first son is 3rd oldest. He is married to a nurse. They have 7 children. A set of triplet identical boys. They are the middle aged children.
    Name- Arthur David Lincoln - 35
    Wife- Jessa Brianne Lincoln - 34
    Sarah Ruth Lincoln - 10
    Lydia Faith Lincoln - 9
    Matthew "Matt" John Lincoln - 5
    Aaron Samuel Lincoln - 5
    Lucas "Luke" Gideon Lincoln - 5
    Rebecca "Becca" Abigail Lincoln - 2
    Jonah Moses Lincoln - NB

    Daughter three, is your 4th child. She has 2 children and recently seperated from her husband. She has a little boy and a little girl. They are only 14 months in age difference.
    name- Lillian Clare Lincoln - 32
    Asa John Rivera - 6
    Winry Pearl Rivera - 4

    Your second son you have is your 5th child. They are expecting Quintuplets in three months, 3 boys and 2 girls. His wife is going to be a stay at home mom, while he is working at the most popular lawyers office.
    Lawyers office?
    NAme- Henry Samuel Lincoln - 28
    Wife- Nadia Evelyn Lincoln - 26
    Names there going to name there children-
    Cedric Henry Lincoln
    Daphne Clare Lincoln
    Bianca Evelyn Lincoln
    Margaret Nadia Lincoln
    Weston Samuel Lincoln

    Child number 6 is a twin, and is you 3rd son. He is engaged to his fiancee and getting married in a few months. They already have 3 children. 2 boys and a girl. The oldest is a boy. They both met and work at a business office.
    name- William Louis Lincoln - 27
    fiancee- Paige Christine Smith - 28
    Brandt William Lincoln-Smith - 4
    Nora Christine Lincoln-Smith - 2
    Clark Daniel Lincoln-Smith - 1

    This is the twin to child number 6, Its your 7th child and you last daughter. She is not married, but does has a little boy, who is 2 years old. Her boyfriend is a dead beat father and doesnt want anything to do with his son. She works as a Child care worker.
    Her name- Natalie Catherine Lincoln 27
    child name- Linus Clayton Lincoln - 2
    dead beat fathers name- Troy Eric Nelson - 26

    Your last child is only 22 and has settled down and getting married next year to his fiancee. They have a little girl and are expecting another child in a few months. Its a boy. Your son has his own buisness and his fiancee works as a ER doctor.
    sons name- George Matthew Lincoln - 22
    fiancee name- Anna Meredith Tatum - 27
    childrens name-
    Esther Vivian Tatum - 1
    Abraham Matthew Tatum - expected
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