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Thread: CAF - Initials

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    CAF - Initials

    LN: E

    DH[46]: CT

    DW[44]: LP

    DD1[26]: HF
    DD2[17]: KN
    DD3/DD4[14]: RJ/AJ
    DS1[9]: SC
    DD5[7]: MB
    DD6[3]: TG
    DS2[18m]: SL

    LN: K
    DD1[26]: HF
    DH:[29] PQ
    DS1[2]: AN
    DD1[3m]: JO

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    DH[46]: Christopher Thomas "Chris" Eck.

    DW[44]: Lauren Paige Eck (Barr).

    DD1[26]: Hannah Florence Eck.
    DD2[17]: Kaitlin Nicole Eck.
    DD3/DD4[14]: Rochelle Jane Eck & Allison June "Allie" Eck.
    DS1[9]: Sebastian Charles Eck.
    DD5[7]: Mariana Bernice Eck.
    DD6[3]: Tallulah Grace Eck.
    DS2[18m]: Spencer Leonard Eck.

    DD1[26]: Hannah Florence Kenrick (Eck).
    DH:[29] Peter Quinn Kenrick.
    DS1[2]: Atticus Noel Kenrick.
    DD1[3m]: Juniper Olive Kenrick.

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    LN: Evans

    DH [46]: Calvin Tiberius (Cal)
    DW [44]: Lyra Peridot

    DD1 [26]: Hermione Felicity
    DD2 [17]: Keturah Nicole
    DD3/DD4 [14]: Rose Jessamine and Adelaide Jane (Lady)
    DS1 [9]: Simon Caspian
    DD5 [7]: Magnolia Beatrix
    DD6 [3]: Theodora Georgiana (Thea)
    DS2 [18m]: Samson Leander (Sam)

    LN: Kingsley
    DD1 [26]: Hermione Felicity
    DH: [29] Paris Quentin
    DS1 [2]: August Nicholas (Gus)
    DD1 [3m]: Juliet Ottoline (Jett)

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    DH[46]: Caleb Tate Evans
    DW[44]: Lydia Pearl Evans

    DD1[26]: Harlow Faith Evans
    DD2[17]: Kennedy Noelle Evans
    DD3/DD4[14]: Rhiannon Jade Evans and Adalynn Joy Evans
    DS1[9]: Spencer Caleb Evans
    DD5[7]: Margo Blake Evans
    DD6[3]: Tinsley Grace Evans
    DS2[18m]: Silas Landon Evans

    DD1[26]: Harlow Faith Kline (MN- Evans)
    DH:[29] Porter Quentin Kline
    DS1[2]: Alexander Noah "Alex" Kline
    DD1[3m]: Jenna Oakley Kline
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