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    This is probably the best thread I've seen on this site. Thaaaaannnnkkk youuuuuu for posting this!! I just could not resist putting in my two cents.

    All the "-ayden" names get to me a bit, but not half as much as certain other trends. I was horrified when Sarah became so popular, because I've always loathed that name. I don't know exactly why, but when I hear the name Sarah it conjures up an image of a skinny, wrinkled, overly stern spinster schoolteacher with a long pointed nose and gray hair drawn severely back into a bun, wearing a long black dress and glaring at you through her granny glasses. Something straight out of your worst 19th-century nightmare. I don't like the current trend toward old-lady names, either; every one of them brings to mind a contemporary of my grandmother, who's going on 95.

    Specific names I wouldn't touch for any amount of money:
    Isabelle and variants
    Eulalie/Eugenie/Eunice etc. (say them aloud: they all start with "EW!")
    Jean/Joan (far too plain, like a fallback name when you've exhausted all other options)
    Avery (this is unattractive on a boy, since I think of a bald, heavyset man...but on a girl, it's heinous.)
    Nevaeh (GAG! The one name I can think of that's even worse than Sarah!)

    I also cannot stand the trend of giving boys' names to girls. What's the a girl when you really would've rather had a boy, so you're gonna let your real wishes be known by giving her a boy's name? As if enough boys' names haven't already been hijacked by the girls! Soon all that's left for boys will be those redneck surname names another poster mentioned.

    And it drives me crazy watching people give their kids ultra-ubiquitous names. My younger stepson is named Logan. He goes to school with another Logan. He plays baseball and at least six other little Logans pop up in the various teams. A friend of mine had a boy early in 2010 and named him...Logan. That's just one example; of course there are plenty of others...

    I'm with Saramee -- can't stand "Winnie". Brings to mind "Winnie-the-Pooh"...and that last part could easily become a bully nickname for an unfortunate little Winifred. Which is another of those no-no names. What are you going to call her if not Winnie? Fred? Back to the boys'-names-on-girls problem again. I also agree with every word CristinaMariane true!

    Somehow I'm less opinionated about boys' names, generally, than girls' names. But I'm getting a bit tired of Henry, which sounds like a grown man and not remotely like a child. Total no-no names for boys: Eugene, Horace/Horatio, Clyde, Elmer/Elmo. My grandfather's name was Horace, and even he didn't argue when my grandmother refused to name my father after him.

    Having said all this, I'm sure that all my favorite names in my signature below will be sneered at or greeted with fingers pointing down throats, because to the current baby namers, they will be either outdated, silly or stupid. But the names I like happen to be ones I mostly grew up hearing around me. Very rarely, a currently popular name will appeal to me, but it takes a lot to make me like a name enough that I'd give it to my own child. And there's not a single top-20, maybe even top-50 name, especially for girls, that I like that much. Everything I like is summarily dismissed as being boring, lame, ancient, stupid or just plain "uncool". (That's something else I sneer at..."coolness". Who is it that's so lofty they can determine what's cool and what isn't for everyone else in the world, anyway?)
    Unabashedly retro and not apologizing!

    Favorite girls' names: Susina, Skye, Cindy, Susan(na), Jenny, Maureen, Christina, Julie, Janine, Janelle
    Favorite boys' names: Christian, Nicholas, Jonathan, Scott, Adam, Roarke, Matthew, Christopher, Daniel, Michael

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    Here's my under my skin list:
    Personally-I am not a fan of Mc/Mac names-especially for a girl. To me they are last names that don't carry over well.
    I despise the "y" trend to names. Changing 1 letter doesn't change the name-it just gives them a lifetime of correcting their name.
    I do not like Neveah/Nevaeh. It was a good thought before just about every young mother named their daughter this. Even worse when the middle name is Heaven. ICK! Really?
    Apostrophe's in names annoy me. They are a form of punctuation-not a part of a child's name.
    I also can't stand when a celebrity names there child something and every person on earth adds it to their list. Little much for me.
    Royalty names-Princess, Majesty etc. Sounds so snooty.
    Also not a fan of the "Z" overkill. Changing S's to Z's or adding a Z to an X name-like Zxavier. Yes-Z is one of the more underused letters. This doesn't make the name magically cool though.
    Obviously-no offense to anyone. My style is quite obviously not that of many.
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    I hate the name Rufus, rufus is a DOG, not a little boy. besides, he would be called Dufus more than Rufus I think

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    hvnlydevil, do you really know a Nevaeh Heaven??? Gag. As if Nevaeh wasn't already ridiculous enough!



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    Eulalie, Viveca, Gloria, Rosalie, Leila, Annabel, Irie, Daisy, Xaviera, Maeve
    Silas, Finnegan, Desmond, Ezra, Cedric, Felix, Lionel, Lazarus, Kai, Xavier


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    Quote Originally Posted by mjeezy13 View Post
    hvnlydevil, do you really know a Nevaeh Heaven??? Gag. As if Nevaeh wasn't already ridiculous enough!
    Not personally-but there has been a couple listed in the paper in the last few months. SO bad!
    Momma to Daytona Joette (6), Revvie Adessie (3) and Zabryn Amare (2)

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