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Thread: Suki and Euclid

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    Re: Suki and Euclid

    Well, Adela is gorgeous, and Euclid will get beaten up on the playground. That's pretty much all I have to say.
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    Re: Suki and Euclid

    Sookie and Yookie - Too bad they didn't choose Adela and Lee as the first names.
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    Re: Suki and Euclid

    Suki - bad with lots of teasing potential (Sucky for instance...) Plus Suki Adela .. the names seem to clash and don't flow very well. Susannah Adele or Suzanne Adela with nn Sookie are definitely less exotic looking/sounding but are soooo much nicer!!!

    Euclid Lee - Euclid has a clunky, ugly sound. In a way I admire their bravery in considering this name, but I just CAN'T picture any person being able to carry this name well. I would choose Eustace, Ulysses, Eugene, and even Euripides before I would choose Euclid. If they insist on Euclid, then I would put it in the middle, forget Lee and choose a different first name. Otherwise, I would ditch Euclid and keep Lee in the middle and find a usable first name. Eustace Lee doesn't sound half bad. =p

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    Re: Suki and Euclid

    I don't mind Suki, though I prefer other spellings.

    Euclid...I can't really see the appeal there.

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    My grandmother's best friend married an Irish Euclid, but he went by Clid which went well with his last name. I like it.

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