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    One of my friends named his son Eric, which was terribly boring to me. I also know a couple of little amelias and a maggie. Not even a proper name like Margaret, just nn Maggie! I was also surprised when a coworker named her son Avery. That's a really trendy girl's name now so I felt that boy is gonna be mighty embarrassed when he gets older!

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    My cousin named his first daughter Rylee Lynn which is really common, both for a first and middle name. Their second daughter was named Lillian Rose with the nickname Lilly. His sister and I thought that making her first name Lilly Rose would have made it less common. Lillian is a pretty name though. Other than that, most names I've come across from family and friends have been relatively unique.

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    The recent baby names that rub me the wrong way are a cousin who with his wife named their new daughter Suri (sibling for Nayah and Jet) and a family friend who named her daughter Kelty Dawna (grandmother is Dawn which I think sounds better, the flow just bothers me). Her other daughter is Rayden which I dislike strongly as well. I guess I would prefer a child be given a name that is a little more ordinary than to give them one that will have them be looked at strangely for the rest of their life.

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    I know the feeling.. one of my friends has recently had a baby, and she already had one son called Emmett so when she said it was a boy, I had faith in something as great as his name, but she chose Brayden.. I was fairly dissapointed because she could have chosen a better name, especially with a brother Emmett!

    I do like Brayden but it's such a wasted opportunity of a great sibset!
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    Yes, a little disappointed with the names a few of my friends chose in the past years (Josiah, Ella, Jacob)
    but one of them named her son Malachi! I was so pumped! It's a great sounding name and suits him so well!

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