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    Post A Collection of Twin Names - the refreshing and the tragic

    Hello berries, I came across a forum on which the names of some real life twinsets were posted.
    Some were rather nice, and others were...disturbingly matchy. Here are the highlights.

    The good:
    James Connor and Charles Jeffrey
    Sienna and Celeste
    Colby and Aaron
    Victoria and Vanessa
    Dylan and Benjamin
    Gregory and William
    Callus and Archer
    Amelie and Mira
    Alexis and Sophia
    Sebastian and Benedict
    Jasmine and Jessica
    Jeremy and Julia
    Eleanor and Thomas
    Hermione, Tallulah, and Freya
    Sam and Eric
    Isabel and Nicholas
    Rebecca and Ruby
    Emma and Olivia
    Jessica and Emily
    Sean and Seth
    Christopher and chandler
    Margaret and Edward (nicknames Maggie and Teddy!)
    Tessa, Clara, and Noah
    Nathan and Natalie
    Nolan and Rowan (b/g)
    Jonah and Noah
    Colton and Hunter
    Olivia and Isabelle
    Collin and James
    Alexa and Olivia
    Keely and Sadie
    Skyla and Mikayla
    Nathaniel and Jeremy
    Aaron and Callum
    Nicholas and Spencer
    Chelsea and Jenna
    Ava and Zoe
    Selena and Eliana

    The bad (matchy!):
    Logan and Landon
    Jethro and Jadon
    Makayla and Mariah
    Theodore and Theophilus
    Seraphinus and Seraphina (pretty sure it was troll post...I really hope so)
    Tremaiyah and Tremar
    Tryphena and Tryphosa
    Antonio and Anthony
    Jaylene and Jazlene
    Trevor and Carter (poor Carter is a girl!)
    Courtney and Caitlyn
    Braylyn and Aubrie
    Kassidy and Karter
    Noraa and Aaron
    Abe and Abby
    Ryan, Rhys, and Rianne
    Tuesday and Friday
    Samantha and Samara
    Graycen and Peyten
    Tatiana and Tiana
    Emma and Ella
    Mackenzie and McKay
    Londyn and Marissa
    Dayne and Daylon
    Brandi and Brandon
    Milo and Rilo (Rilo is a girl, no less!)
    Fayth and Grace
    Karsyn and Keaton (G/b)
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    The most tragic twin names i ever heard were twin girls named Boisen and Payah.

    I also know a boy/girl set of twins named Taylor Ray and Tyler Rae.

    The Theodore and Theophilius set makes me sad. What if they both want to go by Theo?!
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    I love Margaret & Edward, nn Maggie & Teddy together. When I hear Callus, I think about a callus on your foot. Not exactly the best connection, if you ask me. I also like Tessa, Clara & Noah together, not to forget Thomas & Eleanor. I love how all of those sibsets just perfectly balance each other's name out. Personally, I don't like Jonah & Noah together, they are a little bit rhymey. Milo & Rilo does not sound good at all, if you ask me. I don't see what's so bad about Courtney & Caitlyn?
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

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    I like...

    Sebastian and Benedict
    Margaret and Edward
    Eleanor and Thomas
    Isabel and Nicholas
    Ava and Zoe (predictable but fine together)
    Hermione, Tallulah, and Freya

    Callus isn't good - it can be a callus on your foot OR a callous person (insensitive and uncaring). Two bad associations.
    All the best,

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