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    I like Josiah Walker and Elizabeth Emerald. Classic, but with a twist
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    I was pretty disappointed with my friends name choices. Andrew, Michael, Chelsea, Alexis, and Olivia....all pretty unoriginal and super common. I was disappointed with the name my cousin chose as well. She chose Kaidan, although I didn't expect much creativity or originality from her since her first boy is named Karson. She thought Kaidan was the most unique name around, until she enrolled him in daycare. He's got 10 other kids in his group, 2 Aidens, 1 Hayden (girl), 2 Peytons (boy and girl), and another Kaiden. To my amazement, she was actually surprised.
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    Where I'm from people have been choosing pretty good names the only double up is Xavier.

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    My cousins on my dad's side were not a disappointment at first. One had a Tristan and the other a Tobias nn Toby. Tristan now has a brother named Riley which was disappointing because Riley seems so trendy next to Tristan, and Toby a sister named Shelby which wasn't so bad.
    My mom's side of the family follows: Peyton (g) and Mason, Skeeter, Jordan, Andrew and Matthew. The best sibset being Brody and Sean. And my currently expecting cousin has chosen Emma.

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    I've learned not to get to excited about baby names in my family. I've got somewhere around 20 nieces and nephews and gads of young cousins (Who's counting? Ain't nobody got time for that!), and all but two are overused or misspelled and trendy. To my amazement, the babies continue to be ridiculously cute in spite of their uninspired names!
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