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    Portuguese name needed ASAP

    OK, we are no closer to coming up with a name for a baby girl and I am full term. I am open to any ideas, as long as it is Portuguese. Our boys are Diogo Victor, and Cruz Augusto.

    I thank you in advance- obrigado.

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    Lucky I'm in love with my best friend... 6/9/07

    Margot Helen
    Ingrid Naomi
    Zelda Irene


    Ephraim Charles
    Linus Arthur
    Cedric Jame

    Conrad*Leander*Cormac*Leopold*Casimir*Augustin*Sil as*Dexter*Alasdair

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    Leonor is one of all-time favorites. A form of Eleonor and also the name of the current little Spanish Infanta The list above is pretty inclusive . Maybe also Mafalda and Casilda.

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    Of the list above, I like Brigida, Camila, Calista, Luzia, Raquel, Sabina

    Also: Nadalia, Morela
    25 year-old name lover and cat-momma to Clover and Calvin

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